• April 10, 2021

5 Top Things Prayer Cannot Do, But You Should

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6 truth about trial and temptation of life

A patient was taken to an emergency ward of a renowned specialist hospital. Instead of using oxygen gas for him a carbon dioxide was used. After an investigation, it was discovered that the cylinder was wrongly labelled. The cylinder label appears to be true but unfortunately the content was false. Though everyone in the chain of events was sincere but that could not save the life of the patient because they were all sincerely wrong. I will, therefore, try to list and correct some erroneous teaching about trials, temptation,and trouble in the life a believer using the bible as our guide.
1-FALSE-sin is always the reason for trials, temptation,and trouble in the life of a believer.
  TRUTH– Yes some are a direct result of our sin. For instance living a promiscuous lifestyle can lead to sexually transmitted disease, early or unwanted pregnancy, abortion,and death. However, not all STDs are as a result of sin. Some are contacted through public conveniences (toilet). Some are infected with HIV/AIDS when they share the ignorantly sharp object with an infected person .This was the generally held view that Jesus corrected.
As he went along, he saw a man blind from birth. 2 His disciples asked him, “Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?” 3 “Neither this man nor his parents sinned,” said Jesus, “but this happened so that the work of God might be displayed in his life. John 9:1-3   NIV.    I know few brethren who got married as chaste brother and sister yet have to wait for some or several years before getting children.
2-FALSE-Prayerlessness is the reason for the challenges faced by people. The difficult period is a mark of prayerlessness.
TRUTH-Romans 9:16 Jesus was prayer personified yet he faced a lot of opposition while he walked this planet. At the close of his ministry on the cross and in the Garden of Eden he could not get his wish as the son of man Luke 22:43. Paul also had his own share of unanswered prayer 2cor 2:19. Pastor D K Olukoya renowned for his deliverance prayer through whom several people across the world had received various miracle including children but he has to wait for years before receiving his own testimony of a child. It was reported that late evangelist Babalola of CAC church has to contend with an unbelieving wife while people were been saved in droves in his ministry.
3- FALSE-Once you give your life to Christ you are automatically shielded from problems and the attack of the devil.
TRUTH-A statement from Old Testament patriarch reveals otherwise.
 From six calamities he will rescue you;
in seven no harm will befall you. Job 5:19.
 “Man born of woman
is of few days and full of trouble.
Job 14:1NIV.
If you will get the best from the scripture don’t treat a portion in isolation of the other to weave a doctrine. Let us hear Jesus speak in a clear term to his disciples not once but several occasion.
Jesus said, “Mark my words, no one who sacrifices house, brothers, sisters, mother, father, and children, land whatever because of me and the Message 30 will lose out. They’ll get it all back, but multiplied many times in homes, brothers, sisters, mothers, children, and land — but also in troubles. And then the bonus of eternal life! Mark 10:29 MS
In fact the day  you surrender your life to Christ you’ve already sign a fresh battle document with the devil .If the devil will constantly confront Jesus while his stay lasted here how do you think you will be exempted from his various arsenal. Check his word again here Luke 23:23-26; Matthew 10:25.
4-FALSE– All trials, trouble, and temptation are acts of fate. Since God permitted what happens to me their nothing I can do about it.
TRUTH– When I talked about why God permit trial trouble and temptation I mention the fact that you need to know the source of the predicament. Your understanding the fact that God never tempts us with evil should make you know something is wrong somewhere. Fate implies God had made up his mind and we cannot reverse it. However,in my little walk with God, I have seen him reinventing the wheel when we know how to appease him.
On the first day, Jonah started into the city. He proclaimed: “Forty more days and Nineveh will be overturned.”  Jonah 3:4NIV
In those days Hezekiah became ill and was at the point of death. The prophet Isaiah son of Amoz went to him and said, “This is what the Lord says: Put your house in order, because you are going to die; you will not recover.” Isiah 38:1NIV. These were the verdict of God that reveals his final decision for both Hezekiah and Nineveh he didn’t’ offer any remedy in the two statement. But do Hezekiah and citizen of Nineveh accept that as their fate? NO, the Ninevites apply the option of repentance and these are gentiles how much you as a child of God Jonah 3:4-9. Hezekiah applies to God’s covenant of sowing and reaping Isiah 38:2 Read the result.
4 Then the word of the Lord came to Isaiah: 5 “Go and tell Hezekiah, ‘This is what the Lord, the God of your father David, says: I have heard your prayer and seen your tears; I will add fifteen years to your life. 6 And I will deliver you and this city from the hand of the king of Assyria. I will defend this city.  Isaiah 38:4-6 NIV.
 When God saw what they did and how they turned from their evil ways, he had compassion and did not bring upon them the destruction he had threatened. Jonah 3:10 NIV.
Beloved, God is not through with you yet. Behind that cloud of despair is the sunshine of new testimony.
5-FALSE– All predicament should be blamed on Adam and Eve.
TRUTH– It is a fact that the repercussion of the sin of our progenitor as first parents and even our biological parent can and do have a negative implication on us today. It should, however, be accepted that our generation now has committed more atrocity than them. Shifting blame will only complicate the problem as the case with Adam and Eve. This is what God told the nation of Israel.
When that time comes you won’t hear the old proverb anymore,
Parents ate the green apples,
their children got the stomachache. Jer 31:29 THE MESSAGE:
We will be better off for it if only we can look inward and see where we missed it.
6-FALSE– God will always turn every negative situation to the good of his children.
And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. Roman 8:28 NIV. This is one scripture that is often misinterpreted and misapplied. Most times believers interpreted this portion of the bible to mean that God will turn every bad situation to the good of his children. So when the expected good does not come they become offended and bitter against God and men. Note it will be according to his purpose. His purpose then could be delivering you before the problem, delivering you in the problem or give you the grace to bear the problem.
Both in the old testaments and the new testaments we have instances of negative experience or situation ended on the wrong side of life. Uriah was killed by David despite his loyalty same with Abel both. John and Stephen’s life ended without God’s intervention. However, because God wired every event for his glory whether we admit it or not and whether the result is seen on earth here or when we get to eternity. In every situation, all things work together for good according to his purpose. He still remains a loving God whether we are out of our problem or not.
Understanding the dynamics of trials, temptation, and trouble in relation to God sovereignty and our willingness to admit where necessary will help us sustain our faith when the billow of life call on us.


I am joseph Akinrinola. A pastor, teacher, author, freelance, and incurable learner. I share as I learn insightful ideas that make up a total being physically, spiritually, and emotionally especially, about young people.


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