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revelation about coronavirus you must not ignor

It is inherent in man to feel he is independent of God. Till now, some still doubt the existence of God. Some wonder where God is in this entire negative situation in the world. To me, the revelations about Coronavirus are a reflection of man dependent on God and fellow human beings.
Let us look at the 5 revelations about coronavirus you should not ignore and how the pandemic has affected the relationship of people with one another, nations, and God.

1. It reflects the sovereignty of God over the world. If you are familiar with the story of the 10 plagues suffered in Egypt you will understand how it is easier for God to deal with the whole world if he chooses to do so. Like never before, people get closer to God in recent times because of the pandemic. The situation is such that it affected the best of men and the nation. Interestingly, it started and moved through the nations and people that appear to be secured by all standards.
By all indicators, the rich also cry. Thus, the scripture comes to bear that only those kept by God are saved. Just like a Pharaoh and his cabinet suffered the same faith with the common people in Egypt so the rich and the powerful in the world also suffered the COVID -19 pandemic. This, in turn, shows our equality as men, at least before God. That means the life of the rich is not more important than the poor. Part of the sovereignty of God is we should realize is there is no hidden place once he decides to deal with anybody.
2. Leaders should set the right priority. Men should create things and situation that unites us than divides us. World powers have always flaunted their military and destructive power. Today, part of the revelations about Coronavirus is for us and especially the political leader to know we needed more peace than war. As it stands, the most powerful nations of the world have lost a great deal of human and resources. So if one pandemic has wreaked this great havoc how much the atomic bomb or chemical weapons do? Currently, a virus we have not created (I assumed) has caused this great loss, do we need more weapons to destroy ourselves?
Those who should think more about the 5 revelations about the coronavirus you should not ignore are the wealthy and the political class. This is because they are the hardest hit. Usually, in a time like this, they would have left the poor and innocent citizens who voted them in and run overseas for safety and care. But unfortunately, the pandemic began and spread to nations, they usually run to for security and treatment.
The irony of it is the doctors and the poor facilities they judged as not good enough for their health care are the ones taking care of them now. What does this potent? What goes around comes round some days. If they have set the right priority by investing in the health sector of the country they will now reap it for good.
3. No one is independent. Reliance on one another is one of the benefits of the coronavirus. Now, tribal, ethnic, and financial status differences are jettisoned for corporate survival. In a time like, if there is a lesson about the Coronavirus mot ignore is we should all learn is no one can live in isolation.
The rich have the wherewithal to get whatever provisions from the high-class grocery store. But now, the lockdown has restricted the poor and the rich from moving to their places of choice. So many have to make do with whatever they can get from the neighborhood.
Today, the nations send whatever relief they can to other nations so we, therefore, needed one another.
4. A compelled Sabbath. Ask some family and they will tell you the greatest revelations of the coronavirus is the compulsory rest and holiday for their family.
Some children hardly know their father and sometimes both parents. At times, it is either the wife or the husband that doesn’t enjoy their spouse. But thank God, the stay at home in most countries allowed the families to enjoy their relationship better than any other time.
5. A better time with God. As a result of the pandemic, people are not allowed to fellowship in churches and religious centers. But for the serious-minded Christians, it is a time to enjoy a better fellowship with their creator in their closet. Those who have near to nothing to do with their church members are now forced to relate with them in the house fellowship.
It is no gainsaying that in every seemly negative situation, something better can come out of it. These 5 revelations about coronavirus you should not ignore should be our guiding principle as individuals, leaders, and nations to rethink our relationship between God and fellow human beings. More also we should put a concerted effort to build a better world for ourselves and the next generation.
Share your thoughts on the above 5 benefits of the coronavirus in the comments below.


I am joseph Akinrinola. A pastor, teacher, author, freelance, and incurable learner. I share as I learn insightful ideas that make up a total being physically, spiritually, and emotionally especially, about young people.

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