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How Covid-19 Made Me A Mobile Vegetable Farmer

How Covid-19 Made Me A Mobile Vegetable Farmer At No Cost

Farming is one of the businesses that have multiple gains. It has immediate benefits for the farmer and his family. In addition to that, it could be sold to make money. This money could be, in turn, use to meet other needs of the farmer and his family. Becoming a mobile vegetable farmer at no cost is a new concept to many people, but you can learn here how COVID-19 made me a mobile vegetable farmer.
Getting land and paying for is a major constraint to becoming a farmer. But not to worry, I will show you how I became a vegetable farmer during this lockdown period.
It has made me meet the vegetables’ needs of my family at no cost. Though it will not make you rich, it will meet part of your protein needs. That will save you a little cash for other things. Another beautiful part of it is, it comes easily whenever you needed it. On top of that, you spend near to nothing to get it up and running. That COVID-19 made me a mobile vegetable farmer, allowed me to reach out to others during the quarantine period. You can make something good out of this negative situation like others.
Let me define the concept of mobile farming. It means planting that is movable. That means you can take your farm wherever you go. Therefore, space is no longer a barrier You could do it as a tenant or a landlord. And good enough, you don’t need any training to get involved. Any size of space is enough to start it. Some of these vegetables, tomatoes,
and pepper can be planted in bags and buckets.
What I am sharing on becoming a mobile vegetable farmer at no cost is what is workable. You can see my picture in one of the portions of my mobile farm or bed. Some of the vegetables you can plant include Ugu, Okro, Soko. You can also plan tomatoes and pepper. Let us go over the process of mobile vegetable farming.
1. Space. A space of 4ft by 6ft is enough, to begin with. That portion you hope to use as a flower bed can also be a starting point. If you in a waterlogged place, that will be good for your farming, especially, during the dry season.
I recently explored the wet portion of my land to plant maize. I harvested those corn, eat with my family and share with neighbors and friends during the COVID-19 pandemic.
If you have some leaking pots, Jerry cans, bath tubes, empty sack, and drums you can cut into two then, you are ready to become a mobile vegetable farmer.
2. Prepare your soil. Get some soil into all the containers or prepare a bed beside your fence or wall. Then, nourish the sand with manure from poultry waste. Also moist the sand by wetting it with water.
3. Sow your field. Get the seedlings from the market. You can have a small bucket or a bed as your nursery. It is from there you transfer to your main bed. After sowing, you will be wetting the vegetable bed twice daily. You do this early in the morning and in the evening.
4. Manage your farm. The enemies of your farm are weeds. As with other farm produce, get rid of the weed from your farm from time to time.
It is not common to have pests affecting such small plantations. But if any, a small quantity of pest control chemicals will take care of that.
5. Harvest your vegetables. After about a month, you are ready to enjoy your labor. Unlike commercial farming, you don’t uproot your vegetables, but you cut them as you have a need. As long as you keep wetting the vegetable, they keep growing and you can cut it for the second time.
Becoming a mobile farmer only requires your determination. Make it a Hobby, or a means to pass the time will make it less cumbersome. That Covid-19 made me a mobile vegetable farmer has added value to my life. At least, it has increased the nutritional provisions for my family. With that, you can also pay your tithe and offering online if you have the conviction.
Did you make any useful discovery during this coronavirus pandemic period? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.
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