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where is God in all these?

Looking around an as an individual, family, and as a nation, you wonder where God is in these situations. I am from the most populous black nation in the world, Nigeria. We are extremely religious, yet we have a myriad of problems confronting us. So those who are devoted to their God will sometimes ask where is God in all these?
Well, the best way to answer the question of where is God when I hurt or where is God in all these troubles is to first ask where was God in good times? If I believe He was with me and answer prayers, though I do not see or feel Him then, I should also be confident he is still with me now!
Friendship and relationship thrive on trust. Our doubt, anxiety, fear, and agitation will reduce if we’ve had a robust relationship with God over time.

For instance, if you introduced somebody to me as your friend, I would expect you’ll know his likes and dislikes, which makes him happy and what pissed off, If God is your friend and father, how much do you know about Him? Can you be confident about God the way he was confident about Abraham Genesis 18:19? Though He was yet to give him the promised child, Isaac, yet he trusted Abraham would keep following him through thick and thin. Can you say like the three Hebrew boys in Daniel 3:17? They said they will trust God at the peril of their life (because He may choose not to deliver them)? They were not asking where is God in all their negative ordeals.
Also, don’t forget friendship is made for both good and bad times. If you know him well enough in the daytime you don’t have to doubt His presence during your night experience. Remember these scriptures James1:17, Numbers 23:19. You’ll surely agree with me none of your best friends is anywhere near God’s credibility.
God is in that grief with you as He promised in Isaiah 43:2 and He has not changed. He is like a loving father or mother waiting anxiously in the hospital lobby for the successful outcome of the painful operation of his only child. The pain is not physically shared, but emotionally they are both in it together. He told Moses he was aware of the condition of His people in Egypt. Exodus 3:7. Don’t forget He knew it and said it over four hundred years earlier before it came to the past. So, He is not unaware of your pain, grief, and disappointment which your earthly friends and spouse cannot comprehend.
Allowing you to pass through the pain of the injections rather than see you suffer the pain of that ailment is one of the attributes of a loving and caring father. Your father will surely not prevent you from the bruises that come with falling off your bicycle as you perfect your learning experience. When you err from His plan or chose his permissive will, He will not shield you from the necessary discipline you deserve so you can learn and come out better.
Often when we experience a delay to our prayers, we ask such questions such as where is God in all these messes. Sometimes God is silent to our prayers and agony if he knows answering our request is not in our best interest. As you go through the darkest tunnel of challenges of life and you are tempted to ask the question where is God in all these, consider what he has done for you before.

You will agree with me that in every relationship the best way at times to preserve the bond of that union is silence. God may be silent if He knew we will not understand His explanation or the answer may not be satisfactory to us. God never answered Job until chapter 38 of that book. Also, look at those responses of God and you will discover they didn’t tally with Job’s grief.
We’ll all do well in our relationship with God if we admit that the acid test of true friendship is through difficult periods. Read what Job told his wife when the storm of life came calling Job2:10.
As you go through the darkest tunnel of challenges of life and you are tempted to ask the question where is God in all these, consider what he has done for you before. Always ask has He ever been with me at any time in my life and walk with Him? If He has, surely He is in here with you.

Have you had a period when you ask the question  where is God in all these? Please briefly share your experience below.

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I am joseph Akinrinola. A pastor, teacher, author, freelance, and incurable learner. I share as I learn insightful ideas that make up a total being physically, spiritually, and emotionally especially, about young people.

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