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free online training

Globally everything seems to be out of place. In many parts of the world, there seems to be no definite time for the lockdown to be over. In all of this, life continues at least for those of us that are still alive.

Like I said before, this period should not make you unproductive. In essence, you must see something you have gained by the time this lockdown is over.

Here, with me are 5 free online courses you can run while the pandemic lasted. The good part is they mostly free. As you know, you gained this experience in the comfort of your home. If you have a partial lockdown in your state or region, you continue your training in your office or the workplace.

 1. New language.

 It is becoming trendy to understand and speak more than one language. This gives you an edge to make more international connections. Additionally, knowledge of one or more languages will add value to your resume. That will surely give you a better chance of your job search.

 2. Digital marketing

 Modern-day businesses have an online presence. The world has gone past the traditional way of product marketing. This is the reason several establishments are downsizing. With the covid-19 pandemic, more organizations will still close the shop. So getting online marketing training put you in a better position to still be relevant to your choosing career.

Part of what you will be learning includes, but not limited to social media marketing, video marketing, how to attract and retain customers. Get on board here.

 3. Blogging

 Part of the online free course worth mentioning is blogging. Whether you are thinking of starting a blog of your own or upgrade your knowledge, this is the course for you. Understanding SEO which is one of the nightmares of bloggers will be addressed.

The course outline will help you discover your niche, be creative, and write content that will add value to your readers.

 4. Computer science

 This course is relevant to you if you want to flow in this digital-driven generation. You will gain a lot, whether you are going into full-fledged computer-science knowledge or you only needed the skill that will keep you up to date in your field.

 You will learn about both hard and software packages of computing and coding as well

 5. Graphics designing

 The course material will take you through a huge skill you need to be a graphic designer. One major aspect of graphics designing in photoshops. You can move to the advanced stage once you have mastered the basics.

 You can enroll for more than one of these online free courses. A look at those courses reveals they will continue to be relevant in the emergence of the global economic landscape They are all relevant whether it will be your major career or addition to your wealth of knowledge.

After all, no knowledge is lost. Personally, I have enrolled in one of these programs including my children.

Click here to find those I mentioned and others.
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I am joseph Akinrinola. A pastor, teacher, author, freelance, and incurable learner. I share as I learn insightful ideas that make up a total being physically, spiritually, and emotionally especially, about young people.

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