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The economy of the world cannot remain the same after the coronavirus pandemic. Globally the political leaders are diversifying to meet the economic reality on the ground. Therefore, choosing a vocation you can make extra money within the lockdown period will be a wise decision.

Since you don’t have the luxury of time, learning a skill that is tandem with your make up will be easier. Some of these vocations can be learned online or from a friend. Equally, you can learn most of these vocations within the stay at home period because they are short courses. Apart from making money from it, it will add value to your life and resume.

There is no better time to learn a new skill than now. Pick out of the following skills to stay afloat financially.

1. Cooking. You wonder why I am putting this on my list; after all, you have been cooking at home. Well, learning cooking takes you away from your traditional knowledge to a global cooking stage. That alone allows you to interact with other cultures, their food, and nutritional value. With the knowledge of international best practices in food, you will know the right food combinations for a healthy living.

One other advantage of learning cooking is the ability to combine ingredients correctly, preserve food, and eat varieties. You can go to the training locally or online. There are some online platforms that will teach you to cook freely. Learning about cooking during this pandemic can also make you productive. On top of this, you will be making extra money whether you are a student, sit at home mom, or as a second source of income

2. New language. Learning a second language will separate you from the pack. It gives you a better opportunity locally and internationally. You have a better chance of traveling oversees if you understand more than one foreign language. More so it helps you relate well with foreigners and enjoy the benefits that come with it. For the immediate financial benefit, you can start teaching and interpreting foreign languages to improve your earning capacity. That is an addition to the translation job that is in high demand. Listing of one or two foreign languages on your CV will speed up your job search.

3. Make-up. Whether you know it or not the make-up business has come to stay. Make-up vocation is a mini gold mine ready to be exploited for extra money. A few months ago, my friend’s wife and her friends engaged a make-up lady who charged each of them #2000 or about $4. That is a total of $12 in less than 3 hours. You will agree with me that is not a bad deal.

Worthy of note is the time to learn it is short. Apart from that, the materials you will need are cheap and handy. So if there is any vocation that will give you extra cash this season, becoming a make-up artist is one

4. Art and craft. Part of craft and art that will fetch you additional money today includes bead making. Today, people all over the world are celebrating the African culture especially our fashion. Quite a lot of people are exporting African fabrics and bead material into foreign lands. I was at a vocational training workshop not long ago. In that event, I was surprised at how many products you can use Ankara fabric to produce. The list of the product includes bag, belt, purse, hand fans, and shoes. These are money-spinning avenue you should explore

5. Musical instruments. Forever, music will be part of human social and religious life. It is on record that the entertainment industry is a major earner for many countries. Out of this big industry are the music and video niches. So learning to play one of two musical instruments gives you an ample opportunity to key into this financial goal mine.

But you ask how you can fit in as a conservative Christian? There are several churches, musical groups, and entertainment bodies looking for talented instrumentalists. Getting connected to some of these groups will give you an additional stream of income. That means you can be playing for churches and musical groups on a part-time basis.

6. Graphics and Web designing. I subscribe to a few online job boards. Hardly will a day or two pass without me coming across adverts for Web and graphics designers. In the other post, I shared some online platforms you can get free training on Web and graphics designing. The best part is you don’t need to dedicate full time to learning it. Once you have your personal computer, you are good to go. If you wish, choose this as one of the vocations that helps you make extra money in this hard time.

You don’t need a seer or a prophet to tell you hard times are here. Now, it takes more than one stream of income to stay afloat in a time like this. Therefore, you have no time to waste so get ready to create wealth learning any of these vocations that give you extra cash.


I am joseph Akinrinola. A pastor, teacher, author, freelance, and incurable learner. I share as I learn insightful ideas that make up a total being physically, spiritually, and emotionally especially, about young people.

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