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Learning English and mathematics free

Students in most countries of the world are not sure when they will return to the classroom. The current coronavirus has automatically changed the academic calendar. So wise students, take to the online to keep themselves busy learning. It on this note, I am sharing about learning English and mathematics free online.

Without a gainsaying standing between a student’s academic successes are his well-doing in mathematics and the English language. Passing these two subjects is a prerequisite to gaining admission to tertiary institutions. In other words, passing the two subjects is germane to advancing in any course at the university.

It will be an understatement to say the retention and academic level of most students have depreciated as a result of this lockdown. The brain, like a muscle, needs to be kept in shape through exercise. Thus, you must keep your brain active through constant study irrespective of the stay at home.

Before looking at the avenue for learning English and mathematics free, let us look at the implications of taking the two subjects seriously.

Today, the English language is a major means of communication in any human endeavor throughout the world. You will need the language, whether in business, sport, culture, or tourism. The better you can communicate in the language the better for you.

It doesn’t matter which course you intend to study at the university you have to pass both English and math. This also applies if you are going for your second degree.

Furthermore, you need the two subjects in your day to day interaction. For instance, your good knowledge of English will help you in business bargaining as a buyer or seller. This is particularly important to plan, monitor, and evaluate your business. It also becomes easier to check fraud when you have others managing the enterprise on your behalf.

Since the world has become a global village, it will be easier for you to fall in line. With your good level of English and mathematics, you will place your business in front of a great market.
Now, let us look at a few goodies in stock when logging into any of these online platforms where you can learn math and English free online.
School yourself offers premium coaching in mathematics. The facilitator has enough wealth of knowledge in the subject. In addition to teaching the subject at various levels, he is a university lecturer. The modules are intuitive and clear enough for any category of students. Perhaps I would have been good in mathematics if I had such a teacher when I was young.

To ensure you master the course content, there are tests and assignments to test your performance. This is in addition to several examples that will prepare your mind for the real work.
Going through the course outline from free English study or freeitonline courses is like a refresher course. They never left any stone unturned in their approach. With each topic in the English language, they begin with the basics and move onto the complex part of the subject.

Initially, I was feeling they will charge some money along the line because of the quality package they have. But I was surprised to note everything is free indeed. The colorful thing about them is they cover all areas in the English language that goes beyond passing your exam. Their scheme covers reading and writing and speaking correct grammar. I assure you; this site will be your second classroom. Also, check freeitonline courses for quick English study

The importance of learning English and mathematics cannot be overemphasized. So no matter what course of study you pick, you need both subjects. Though they may not be your core subject, yet you will need both subjects. Now that coronavirus has kept most students indoor, studying English and mathematics free online will arm you for the academic rigor when you resume. Surely those sites I mentioned are a few places to learn English and mathematics free on the Internet.

Please let others know how this online math and English platform is preparing you for school resumption. Don’t forget to like my Facebook page.


I am joseph Akinrinola. A pastor, teacher, author, freelance, and incurable learner. I share as I learn insightful ideas that make up a total being physically, spiritually, and emotionally especially, about young people.

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  1. This is a good development as the pandemic has successful kept all academic work and section on hold, it will be advantageous for every student to linknup with this site (freeitonline).

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