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Life sometimes forces itself on you to learn some personal disciplines. Similarly, there are lessons you can’t learn except through pain and difficulty. The period of COVID-19 though a terrible experience for the world some were able to profit from the situation. Though locked down, some still find ways of been productive.

Amazingly, there were some personal disciplines that most people are forced to imbibe, which I think should continue after the pandemic. At some point, those who are spiritually naive will ask where God is when they are in a bad shape instead of probing their lifestyle of discipline. But now that the long stay at home due to COVID 19 had altered the way we live, wisdom dictates we key into those principles for a better life

Discipline is a life of what you do naturally without been forced into it. It is a way of life you lived spontaneously. This cuts across every aspect of your life. This includes, but not limited to spiritual, financial, health, social, or material life. Even people around will identify this with you.

In this post, I will run through some amazing personal discipline that must continue after the Covid-19 pandemic which will add value to your life

1.Upholding hygiene lifestyle. Without been told, keeping personal hygiene is key to living a healthy life. During the pandemic, we are compelled to wash our hands regularly. Naturally, I think this should be a routine when we get over the stay at home period.

Apart from the prevention of COVID 19, personal hygiene will also ward off and prevent common illnesses. So the continuation of the cleanliness of our environment will produce a healthy living for you and your neighbors.

2.Adopting workable financial principles. Every family during the pandemic set a new financial policy to survive the situation. Individuals and families survive on a rationed meal during the lockdown. Then, keeping up with basic needs after the pandemic will make a sensible financial decision.

During the same time, people minimize wastage. This virtue must continue after the lockdown. Reduction in luxuries that you can do away with should be part of personal disciplines that you must continue when the pandemic is over.

3.Maintaining social distance. Apart from the spiritual implications of the social distancing brought by the covid 19, regulating people you move with should be a continuous idea. I noticed people watch how they relate with relatives during the period. This means you could do away with a relationship that will not add value to you.

4.Spiritual reawakening. Those who are religious find the time as a way of getting close to the divine. Personally, I had an awesome experience with God during the stay at home. Indeed, I got back my lost spiritual virtue. Thus, keeping up this spiritual momentum will improve your spiritual discipline. Though religious houses were shut, it affords people to engage their God on a personal level

5.Create time for rest. World over, stress has been one of the reasons for sudden death. However, the pandemic has forced most people to rest. In fact, some people will die working if night never falls. Ironically, people spend all their life to make money. But illness resulting from rest denies them the right to enjoy their wealth. This is in line with low performance in the workplace because people do not sleep well. Conversely, part of the attitude that must continue after this ordeal is rest. Ensure you factor a good sleep and rest into your routine.

6.A better relationship. No one lives in isolation. I know a lot of people during the stay at home period. Aside from that, I had a good relationship with my immediate family better than at any other time. It was a period to discover some flaws and better things about one another. Like the career people, their families enjoyed their companion more than any other time.

Though this might not be totally possible when life returns to normal, you could make some adjustments that fit your family fellowship. Your family apart from the provisions you made available will appreciate you more. I think making this as part of your personal disciplines after the lockdown will make the period a memorable experience.

7.Harnessing opportunity. The situation sometimes forces us to be creative. The situation made people think of cutting costs, create an alternative to getting things done, diversifying their investment, chart a new course, or invent a new way of generating funds. Those new frontiers you broke during the pandemic should be maintained and improved after the lockdown.

Looking at the entire picture of the period of the lockdown, it not all woes. No matter how bright the day may be, there will be patches of a black spot here and there. That said, I want you to explore the spark of Light within the dark spot of coronavirus period to continue with those personal disciplines after the pandemic










I am joseph Akinrinola. A pastor, teacher, author, freelance, and incurable learner. I share as I learn insightful ideas that make up a total being physically, spiritually, and emotionally especially, about young people.

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