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Big brother Nigeria and the Nigerian youths


The big brother and the Nigerian youths are a reality that has changed the narratives of the entertainment, social, and cultural landscape of the nation. At the center of these are the youths who will take the baton of leadership in every sphere of life in no distance time.

No doubt this show enjoys incredible viewership and following across the continent of Africa and beyond. What started in 2006 as big brother Nigeria, but now big brother Naija has become a household name in the television show.

The Nigerian version is modeled after the Netherlands’ original big brother reality show premiere in 1999, but now it has an international franchise. Meaning different countries or regions are having their version. Though each region has a little variation in its structure, yet they maintain the original concept.

In the show, contestants of between 12 and 21 from different backgrounds are camped in an isolated facility for a particular period of the show. This is under the guidance of the invisible big brother who makes the rules and decides who is evicted, though viewers vote for their preferred contestants.

As celebrated as this show is, what does it portend for the Nigerian youth? With a smartphone, parents have near to nothing on how to monitor their children on this show. So what is the impact of big brother Naija on Nigerian youths? Let me take you through each of them one after the other.

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1. Diversion from reality. Until now, the effort of the government and the parents has been to get students busy with online studies. But now, the attention will be switched to entertainment. As expected, every human being will prefer pleasure to hard work.

Without being told, you know the numbers of covid-19 cases is rising in Nigeria. But with this show, people, especially the young ones, will show less concern about this life-threatening issue, but focus on the trivial issue of entertainment.

May I remind you? The principles of social distancing will equally be jeopardized at a time like this? As with a football match, it is best enjoyed in groups than personally. So in an attempt to feel a sense of belongings, youths will visit their friends to enjoy the show. Not because they don’t have a tv or a smartphone, but to explore the social connections the show will offer.

What are the implications? We are more prone to spreading the disease. During the show, all attention is diverted from things that add value like reading the Bible, school books, running errands for your parents, doing household chores, etc.

2. Moral and spiritual pollution. To what extent is the effect of big brother Naija on the Nigerian youths? Let us go on. Before now, those who can discern time and season will agree that moral, cultural, and spiritual standard in the nation is declining. With a show like this that promote moral laxity, we would be complicating the morality of the youths.

The big brother Naija with its sensual and sexual related content will promote inordinate affection in our young people. The worse will be the teenagers who will be watching along with them. These innocent minds will not be able to discern between what is an acceptable limit to what they are seeing.

Spiritually, those who find it difficult to stay two hours for church service will spend hours watching the show. Since what you see the impact and impair your action, it makes them allergic to holiness.

Before now, meeting for house fellowship during the lockdown was difficult for some Christians, but to gather with friends to watch the show will be more comfortable. And a little of this and that gradually take people away from the presence of God

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3. Financial recklessness. At the commencement of the lockdown, churches ask their members to continue to pay their tithe and offering (though I believed it should be of personal conviction than a doctrine). To this, many people raised an alarm. Some almost went for the necks of their pastors. But now, the same set of people, though we still have partial lockdown in place will get money to spend on the BB Naija show.

According to the rule of the game, you have to vote for your preferred contestant, and this costs money. After all, you will have to buy data to see the game plus buying fuel for your generator if you have a power failure. According to professor Tunji Olaopa, Nigerians spent #7.2billion Naira to cast a total vote of 170,000,000 during the third edition of the show. This is surely a financial recklessness.

4. False lifestyle. One of the implications of big brother Naija to Nigerian youths is it offers a false lifestyle. Though the show is called reality, the lifestyle taught is not realistic when you come into a real-life situation.

It is funny to watch a mad man performing, but nobody will be happy playing the madness. Some scenes and experiences within the housemate as they call the contestants would not work in a real-life situation. It is like watching the ultimate survival reality show on the discovery family series, you will discover you can’t practice some of those acts in real life. The BB Naija show doesn’t reflect the reality of life in the relationship, love, and sex.

Above all, the implications of the big brother Nigeria and the Nigerian youths are against the moral, cultural, and spiritual well being of our young people. While it may douse tension of sort, the negative effect lingers for long. Not only that, but the BB Naija reality show also leaves the youth more confused about the reality of life more than ever.

What is your take on the show?

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I am joseph Akinrinola. A pastor, teacher, author, freelance, and incurable learner. I share as I learn insightful ideas that make up a total being physically, spiritually, and emotionally especially, about young people.

3 thoughts on “Big Brother Nigeria And The Nigerian Youths

  1. Exact truth about how this show affects youth and the part where #7.2B was spent for BBNaija vote is so disheartening.
    How are we sure the youths that are to be the leaders of tomorrow are not going to squander the nation’s resources on vanity
    Good God save us 🙏

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