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6 Favorite Tactics Of The Enemy Against Your Vision

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3 Crucial Relationships For success In 2022.

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Christian blogs for teens and youth to follow.


Those you hang out with will determine how far you will go in life. Today online is synonymous with the youth and teens. Though there are countless pieces of information on the worldwide Web, these are a few Christian blogs for teens and youths to follow as the world is declining spiritually. 

Each of these blogs offers something that is uniquely impacting. And implementing the lesson will help you navigate the storm of life associated with teens and youth life. 

  1. https://teenmeetgod.wordpress.com

This site is specifically for teens and the youths as well.

Interestingly, this is a place to get daily devotionals that will resonate with the challenges facing students, teens, and youths. The site has topics dedicated to Christian living, relationship, academic excellence, and social well being. I would say this is a site that cares for your wholesomeness.

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2. https://youthspecialties.com

If you want to know what makes youth tick at this age, visit this site. On this site, you have resources for personal development that will equip you to live your life to the fullest. Ever wonder why it is difficult to live to please God, despite your best intentions, then check out this inspiring post from this blog.

Lovers of the podcast will find this site interesting with value-added topics for your spiritual and physical enrichment. Perhaps you are thinking about your place in God’s plan for the world, and their numerous discipleship resources will get you started.

3. https://www.leadertreks.org

I will recommend this blog for you if you desire to change the dynamics of the youth ministry in your church or community. Do not hesitate to subscribe to their resources if you determine to stand straight and tall, while others are falling like a pile of cards. They also have enough packages for students to excel in their walk with God and career.

Furthermore, one feature I liked about leaders trek is their parents’ partnership idea. They recognize it takes the cooperation of both the youth and their parents to make the thing work. While they recognize the freedom of the youth, they equally value the indispensable wisdom of the adult. I think every youth should emulate this.

4. reddit.com/r/youthministry

Consider this as my gift as one of the Christian blogs for teens and youth that you must join.

If you weren’t familiar with Reddit before, read on. This is a social platform that gives everyone a level playing ground. You are open to thousands of other Christians across the world. It allows you to make new friends and ask any questions that are bothering you.

The beauty of this site if you will have a response to your questions from several people that are willing to offer their opinion for free. Apart from that, you can also contribute your idea to the thread of discussion in the forum. Join Reddit for free, and be online with like-minded youth and teens.

5. https://youthfront.com 

Whether you know your purpose in life or not, this is a blog you must associate yourself with. This is a Christian youth and teen blog that refines what youth life should be. There are three key components of this ministry that I love, these are love, prayer, and ministry.

Looking for a community of believers that will sharpen your spiritual axe, this is where to be. A life without responsibility is no life. But if you join the youth front, you will learn to be responsible at home, school, church, and the community.

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6. https://fervr.net/

The period of the teen is traumatic and challenging. It is a period that can make or mar any destiny. This is why you must follow this blog. Subscribe to their newsletters, and you are equipped to face the challenges of life. Applying the lesson from their resources will distinguish you from the pack among other teenagers.

This website has loads of materials that answer to all life’s questions. It doesn’t stop there, you can enjoy lots of fun with various Bible games that will not only entertained but get you educated. Added to that is the information that equips you to deal with the issue of sex and dating.

7. https://ptl2010.com/category/christian-teens-blogs/page/1/

This site is built around Bible-based life. According to the author, your relationship with Jesus will shape how other things will go. To the creator live for God and other aspects of your life will fall through.

8. http://www.transformed4more.com

Somehow, the world has become gender-sensitive, yet you can make a difference as a teenage girl. Formed in 2016, they have carved a niche for themselves as a unique teen blog dedicated to the total wellbeing of young ladies. Their style and resources are a sharp departure from what you get from other polluted sites that claimed to be a Christian blog. If you miss any Christian youths and teens blog, it should not be this one.

You are fortunate to have access to these Christian blogs for teens and youths blog to follow. The more you follow them and a few others like them the better your Christian life will be. Good enough all of them offer resources that will add to your success in another aspect of life. As I close, it is not enough to visit them, but applying the lesson will help you achieve your dreams faster than you expect. 

Do you think I missed any good Christian blogs for teens and youths? If so, add them in the comment box below. Never leave without liking my Facebook page. If you think this post has added something to your life, ensure you share it with your friends. 


I am joseph Akinrinola. A pastor, teacher, author, freelance, and incurable learner. I share as I learn insightful ideas that make up a total being physically, spiritually, and emotionally especially, about young people.

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