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Cultural rebirth of Big Brother Nigeria

Cultural rebirth of Big Brother Nigeria

Apart from entertaining the viewers, show business is a major earner in most of the world. Today, big brother Nigeria, a reality show is a crowd puller. But to get it right, there is a need for the cultural rebirth of the big brother Naija show to reflect our cultural values. This is when we can preserve our moral and cultural values as a nation. With that we can guarantee a future for today’s youth.
Culture is the total social pattern of a group of people. This has to do with their inherited social behavior, those they have learned in their history, and which they intend to pass to the next generation. No two cultures are the same. So, Culture is the people’s identity. And this is reflected in their values, customs, games, tradition, belief system, religion, food, dance, cloth, festivals, music, greetings, and ceremonies, etc.

Nigeria ranked high in a long history of culture with over 250 ethnic groups apart from other minority ethnic groups. However, this once cherished culture is dangerously eroding thereby given ways for western cultures. A look at the BB Naija will show a sharp departure from our culture and value system. This is why I opine for a reinvent the show to celebrate our value and culture.

The negative aspect of the big brother Naija didn’t start overnight. But we got here because of our carelessness. Below are the few of the areas of the decline of Nigeria Culture that needs attention.
1. Parental and communal discipline has been compromised and abolished through legislation by the government.
2. The festival and traditional medicine are regarded as fetish and evil.
3. Our dance, music, food, cloth, is regarded as a local compared to the foreign culture.
4. Courtesy and decency are regarded as barbaric.
5. Shortcuts replace hard work and due process.
6. The negative of the foreign religion over our culture.
7. The negative effect of mass media and technology (the internet, cables, and TV).

The effect of the above-mentioned area of decline is the loss of our identity and our grip on our children. And the grave danger of it is posterity will not forgive us. We can see the moral decadence all around us because we fail to take the necessary steps.
What does rebirth indicate? It is to reinvent the way things are done. Instead of celebrating foreign cultures that are inimical to our Sociocultural well being we should promote what is ours through every available channel.

The following are a few ways we need the cultural rebirth of Big Brother Nigeria and such other programs that the youths are celebrating. This will help us as a people to arrest this ugly trend.

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1. Change in parental priority about life: The decline in Nigeria’s culture value began as a result of parental lack of time for home training of their wards. Most parents left this primary assignment to nannies, school teachers, and Sunday school teachers in pursuit of money.
Part of this training is for the parent to make it a tradition to be speaking their dialect and language with their children. And as a culture celebrates in practical terms our cloth, food, music, dance with our children.

2. Government to legislate in favor of our culture. An example of this is what is happening in the Lagos state legislative chambers where a day or so is set aside to conduct the proceeding in Yoruba with Yoruba attire to drive in their support for our culture. The government should make Nigerian language a prerequisite for admission into our tertiary institution irrespective of your intended course of study.
In addition to that, there should be a cultural day nationwide to educate and celebrate our culture. More so, grant, bursary, and scholarship should be an increase for indigene that can prove his or her nativity through his or her dialect. In line with this, the government should come to the aid of traditional herbal practitioners with modern technology and standardization of the product for global acceptance.

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3. Communal responsibility should be revived. Part of the rebirth is to revert to joint responsibility in raising our children. The community here is all-encompassing, and that includes religious bodies, schools, NGO’S, communities, families, and friends. All of us together should celebrate our culture in our little corner.
Churches especially should give relief to their member on the dress code as most of our Pentecostal churches will insist on English wear as they official dress as if that has to do with the move of God. Native language should be encouraged as a means and mode of worship. To revive our culture, the school must desist from calling our language “Vernacular” but instead create days and time when students can freely speak his or her dialect.

Along with that is the issue mid-week wears in most private schools, traditional and native wear should be one of the school uniforms.
Unlike this present individualism, families, friends, and neighbors should join hands together to train the children. This became necessary as the result of their negative behavior will not only affect them but the entire society.

As much as I detest capital punishment, it is culturally, socially, and religiously wrong to withdraw discipline from any child. Their freedom should be with the string attached to guide against excesses associated with young people.

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4. Using technology to our advantage: This begins from what type of technology gadget we get for children. I read where it was reported that Bill gate (world’s richest man) claimed his children will not have access to personal phones until they are fourteen. Not because he could not afford it as you know, but he wanted them to disciplined children.
Parents and school authorities should monitor how kids use technology and the internet. I know of some private college and university that does not allow personal phone usage by students whiles in the vicinity of the school. This is due to the unwholesome use of technology that exposes these young people to the negative culture that brings down the beauty of ours.

5. Mass Media: Whether print or electronic the media have a pivotal role to place on educating, celebrating, and marketing our culture and moral value. This may be in terms of giving preference to the cultural program or promoting traditional content on their platform.

The big brother and the Nigerian youths
Apart from that media houses could sponsor a cultural program in schools, clubs, and communities. This wider coverage by the mass media of our tradition, music, dance, the festival will enhance the popularity and acceptance of our cherished culture.

Cultural rebirth of Big Brother Nigeria is just one of the areas we need to attend to. Since culture can be learned, it can also change. All stakeholders in Nigeria will do well to play our part in arresting this declining trend in our cultural Values.


I am joseph Akinrinola. A pastor, teacher, author, freelance, and incurable learner. I share as I learn insightful ideas that make up a total being physically, spiritually, and emotionally especially, about young people.

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