• February 27, 2021
marriage matchmaking

Key Truths About Marriage Matchmaking

There are various reasons for the delay in marriage. This delay affects both the male and female. As a result of this delay, some believers acting under pressure will subscribe to …

Godly marriage principles

5 Godly Marriage Principles Every Youth Should Know.

    The rate of divorce is on the increase. Many people, including Christians, are enduring their marriage instead of enjoying them. Worst still is the rate of marriage disaffection among …

talent development

8 Super-easy Ways To Develop Your Talent

    If you are looking for a super-easy way to develop your talent, I am here to show you some proven methods. Developing your talent should not be that difficult …

covid-19 test for the Church

The Covid-19 Test For The Church

Despite the untold challenges bedeviling the world, I see the situation as a covid-19 test for the Church. You know as much as I do that serious Christians are not happy …

Psalm 23 during covid-19

Psalm 23 During Covid-19: Lessons From A Hen And A Rooster

    There is no better time to affirm the providence of God than during this lockdown. My experience with Psalm 23 during covid-19 is overwhelming. No time do most people …

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