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Psalm 23 during covid-19



There is no better time to affirm the providence of God than during this lockdown. My experience with Psalm 23 during covid-19 is overwhelming. No time do most people realize the futility of human knowledge than now? Of note is the way God has provided for people where several governments have failed in caring for their people. This is pathetic in developing countries including Nigeria.


During this lockdown, I saw God providing for the needs of people where all hopes were lost. I know a few people that were having it rough before the pandemic. But now I wonder how they were coping, yet none of them turned a beggar. Yet, over two months down the line, Jehovah Jireh has been meeting their needs. He has proved he never runs out of supply. This is surely a faith booster for me.


The Tale of a hen and the rooster.


In the Old Testament, God uses illustrations, story, events, and his Prophets to pass across messages to his people. Likewise, Jesus, in the New Testament uses parables to drive home his point when teaching people. This is to make his intentions clear to them.


The story I am about to share with you was a message God passed to me while clearing the weeds in front of my house this morning. While doing that, a rooster was following me and picking some ants it could find. Each time it picked an ant, especially a big one, it calls for a fowl feeding a few meters from where we were. On hearing the rooster, the hen will run to pick the ant. Sometimes the hen would not see the ant. So the cock will pick up the ant for the hen to see it. He has proved he never runs out of supply. This happened several times as I watched the drama.


Unlike the usual practice where the rooster will use the food as a bait to attract the hen for mating, this was a caring effort on the part of the rooster. As soon as the hen swallows the ant, it moves on with life only to return when the cock called for another food. It was a sight to behold.

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What lesson can we learn from these animals?


1. There is a purpose for everything. God has a purpose for permitting whatever happened. In God’s design, he wanted to give those animals a special diet that was one of the reasons I was weeding the compound. Though we may not understand why somebody will be affected positively or negatively on whatever happens to us or in our surroundings. Though the hen didn’t know what was happening, God was working out something for her. Even if you are not aware, God is and will move some people on your behalf at a time like this if you trust him enough. The current pandemic is not an accident. To the wise, you will take advantage of it to your benefits. The statement of Jesus in Matthew 6: 25-34 can’t be truer than this.


2. We are made for one another. Yes, Psalm 23 talked about the Lord as our shepherd who provides for our needs. Yet, God has used each of us to meet one another needs. It is unusual for God to descent to meet human needs. That is why he had blessed some people. These people, that are blessed, will in turn bless others.


I have seen a lot of friends reaching out to me during this lockdown. And in my little way, I have also blessed other people I can reach. That means you are better than some people you should reach out to.


3. There is good in evil. Do you think a medical doctor will be happy if we pray people should not fall sickly? How resounding do you think the Amen of a lawyer who feeds from cases will be if we pray people should not run into trouble? What about the panel beaters, mechanics, etc.? Most of these people get their daily food through the negative experiences of others.


The threat of Goliath that sent the nation, including the King into a panic mode is the same situation that led David to fulfill his destiny. Also, the death of Uzziah led to the blessing of Obededom. My cutting the weed was bad for the plants, but good for the animals.


During this covid -19, some have made a fortune from this pandemic. This period had offered a new business idea, creativity, and innovation for many people. Consider those who had invested in producing a nose mask, hand gloves, hand sanitizer, hand sanitizer, and machine. Besides, companies saddled with the construction of isolation centers, artists that have created jingles during this season would attest to the benefit of the lockdown period. Indeed, Psalm 23 during covid -19 has been a blessing to some people

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4. A closer walk with God. Most people, especially, Christians get closer to God when they are in need. Their commitment is unparalleled to church services and the men of God during those periods. They can do virtually anything to get what they needed. To others, their past experience built a strong faith in God because of his past experience.


David was sure he would defeat Goliath because he had saved him from Lion and Bear before.


Thus, if God can meet your needs during this pandemic, he can meet your needs always. But don’t forget, God of Psalm 23 during covid-19 is the same God as ever.


The essence of my long essay is to build your confidence in God. It is to increase your faith in him. Whether for provisions or protection, he is there for you. I believed your experience in these past weeks should be enough to know the God of Psalm 23 during covid-19 will always be your provider if you can trust him.


Imagine this, for over two months you have been out of business most times, yet God had met your needs. This is a sign he had you in his plan daily. Just relax. Do the best you can do and trust him to take it over from there.


I sum it up this way; what God has done so far has made me believe him so far for what he has promised so far.


Did you particularly experience God’s providence during this coronavirus pandemic? Share your experience below. Don’t forget to like my Facebook page as you share this content across your social network platforms.


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