• February 27, 2021

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covid-19 test for the Church

Despite the untold challenges bedeviling the world, I see the situation as a covid-19 test for the Church. You know as much as I do that serious Christians are not happy with the closure of the churches. Many even see it as the work of the devil to eliminate Christianity and stop the people from serving God freely. Besides, some opined those feeding fat on the financial support and donations are behind the continuous closure of the churches.

Though I may not contest any insinuation from any quarters on that matter, I have reasons to show all these are a test of the Christian faith. Reading this post will make you have a weapon to explore the seemly negative situation of the pandemic to advance the gospel and better your life.
In this post, I will be delivering to you 5 keys to pass the covid-19 test for the Church. Let me take you through them in turn.

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1. It refers us back to the genesis of the church. The earlier we realize the church is not the building, but the individual Christian the better. While it is not good to shut the doors of the church, it should be a reminder of where the church began.

These scriptures point to the fact of Jesus’ church began as a house fellowship or what some called the home cell or home church. Rather than the disciples complaining the religious leaders didn’t allow them to use the synagogue for their newfound faith, they resorted to using individual homes for services. They were comfortable serving their God this way. But whenever they have the opportunity, they use the temple to pass the gospel message.

Mind you, Jesus never attends all temple worships and services, but apply wisdom on which and when to attend… So the current house fellowship all churches are compelled to adopt is only directing us to the genesis of the church. It is of note that the early church grew not with a megastructure, programs, but through small units meeting in members’ houses.

2. It is a test of our commitment to God. Some Christians see this period as a resting period. At times others see it as a time to sleep more especially on Sundays or an avenue to save their tithes for personal needs.

However, the four Hebrew boys were still God’s ambassador without a temple or synagogue to worship. Even Daniel maintains his prayer life, though he knew there was a decree against that. This covid-19 is a period to prove the genuineness of our loyalty and commitment to God as a friend in need is a friend indeed. As a test of Christian faith, if the disciples were addicted to God during the persecution, we should not do less.

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3. It helps the pastor evaluate his ministry. All pastors must pass this covid-19 test for the Church because it is a way to evaluate their members. This period offers the pastors the opportunity to know the true sheep. Those who stay connected to the main church through the house fellowship are true church members.

Usually, you don’t know who is on your side until the chips are down. By the available statistics, church attendance and commitment have reduced drastically during the coronavirus period. With that, the ministers will know how to channel their prayers and messages.

4. It is a channel to test and identify the human capacity of the church. From available information and personal experience, more leaders are discovered during this period than any other time in church history. Since we have created more fellowship centers, we need more workers and leaders to take charge. This eventually has led to the discovery of more talents and abilities in the workers and the laity. Thus, the church will come out better and stronger after this pandemic and a challenge to our Christian faith.

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5. It tests and strengthens our spiritual muscles. Serious Christians gather regularly to meet for fellowship. Those who are spiritually weak are taking up the challenge to develop their spiritual muscles. This period reveals an individual’s spiritual strength and weakness.

In reality, you can’t know your prayer level during congregational prayers. But when a crisis comes and you can still pray, then you will know your level. As you know, most Christians read their Bible only on Sundays, but during this covid-19, more people are sharpening the axe and strengthening their spiritual muscle

What is your take on the covid-19 test for the Church on the Christian faith? If I were you, I would double my effort on spiritual exercises as we expect the return to normal life. So restriction should not prevent us from serving and living for God. After all, Paul and Jeremiah wrote letters from the prison. Jeremiah 26:5-6.

Share your opinion in the comment below the way this period has helped strengthen your spiritual muscle. Don’t forget to like my page and subscribe to my newsletter for my latest post.


I am joseph Akinrinola. A pastor, teacher, author, freelance, and incurable learner. I share as I learn insightful ideas that make up a total being physically, spiritually, and emotionally especially, about young people.

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