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major tests before your marriage vow



The Bible says my people perish for lack of wisdom. To change the narratives is why I will be giving you the major tests before your marriage vow. It is no news that couples that were once happy suddenly break up. This is due to dissatisfaction in the marriage because of issues that could have been averted.


Some challenges attributed to the work of demons and witchcraft can indeed trace to ignorance. Sometimes delay in childbirth due to medical complications could be traced to the incompatibility of the couples. Besides, some Christians walking in foolishness and calling it faith fall into these avoidable challenges.


While some believed they can pray away some of these complications, it dawns on them too late that God gave us brains so we wouldn’t have to bother him for what he gave us the capability to handle. In some cultures or societies, especially Africa, people attribute many challenges and problems to voodoo, witchcraft and the power of darkness.


Even in Christianity, many attribute most misfortune and negative occurrence to the devil or some wicked household enemies. False Prophets, on the other hand, are feeding fat on this ignorance. This is why I am drawing facts from the fables on doing the needful before you solemnized your marriage.


First, let us see the reasons for running these major tests before your marriage vow.

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Benefits of taking the needed test.


  1. It helps the couple prepare for the eventuality. A problem known and discussed is half solved. If the two people going into the marriage are aware of what is at stake, they will prepare for it. If they still want to take chances, despite the risk because of love, then the burden becomes easier for both of them. In the case of the eventuality, there wouldn’t be a shift blaming game.


  1. It builds trust and confidence. Successful marriage thrives on trust. Consequently, disclosing each other’s medical situation will breed trust and confidence. The union should break before marriage than a painful and disaffection relationship.


  1. It saves you money and resources. One single chronic ailment in the family can create a big hole in the family finance. That is why the understanding of the key tests before your marriage is crucial


  1. It prevents future heartache. The knowledge of your medical state will guide against pain for the couple and the children. You are not likely to continue a relationship you know it will put a strain on your life and finance. This will also prevent bringing up kids to suffer for your ignorance.


  1. It also limits the spread of such sickness and its implications on society. The knowledge of an ailment will prevent the spread from one person to another. This knowledge will guide you to manage your health.


  1. It helps you focus your spiritual energy on other issues that only God can handle. There is no use fighting an unnecessary battle when you can avoid it. Running the basic test before the wedding will save you the rigor of fasting, praying, visiting the mountains, biding, and loosing. Instead, you petition God on the other are of your life.


Thus the following major test before your marriage vow will not only open you to the implications of running the test but set your marriage on a sound medical footing.

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  1. Fertility test. Childbearing will be a mirage if one or both of the couple is infertile. This infertility may be natural or artificial. It is natural if the productive part of the man or the woman is absent, not healthy or damage. Any of these could be inborn, as a result of an accident, ignorance, or other complications.


A fertility test will reveal if a woman has an ovary or not. It will reveal if she is ovulating rightly, the condition of the womb and other areas. For the men, the fertility test will reveal the potency of the man. It will also prove the quantity, quality, and health of the sperm. The conception will be near impossible if there is a problem with any of these areas I have just mentioned.


  1. HIV and STD test. Some of the infections in these categories can be cured while others have no known cure, but prevention. Whichever way, you are better informed to protect yourself should you decide to continue with the affair.


Part of these sexually transmitted infections includes gonorrhea, virginal bacteria, syphilis, etc. Medically, a person can carry this infection for a long time without knowing it. And unfortunately, it can hinder conception and aid miscarriage. So going through, the test will guide against unnecessary stress.


For instance, it is necessary to carry out the HIV and Aids test. This is because sexual affairs are not the only means of transfusion. You cannot be too sure of yourself, especially if you regularly come in contact with blood.

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  1. Family chronic sickness or ailment. You must see this one as a major tests before your marriage vow because it will have a lasting impart on the family. Since there are ailments that are hereditary and some fatal you must be sure of the health status of the person you want to marry. Some of these include but are not limited to insanity, epilepsy, diabetes, hepatitis, and hypertension.


If you marry a person with one or more of these ailments, chances are your child or children will inherit it. The risk becomes higher if two of you are a carrier of the sickness. But running a test earlier in your relationship will help you decide if it is reasonable to continue with that person.

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  1. Blood group and genotype. This is one of the major tests before your marriage vow. To a large extent, the next generation through you will be affected positively or negatively through this blood arrangement. We have A, B, O, and AB. Each of these also carries a rhesus, which can either be positive or negative.


To the women, the blood group can cause miscarriage, stillbirth, or prevent further childbirth after the first issue. Doctors have a way around this if you know your blood group.


For the genotype, we have the AA, AS, AC, and SS. The essence of running a test before going to the altar is to guide against having a sickle cell anemia child. Of these entire genotype groups, AA with another AA is the best combination. AA and AS blood group are still okay. An AS and SS genotype have a higher chance of having an SS child. A SS and SS are no go area marriage as they will produce a SS child.



To most people going into marriage, childbearing is a priority. This is especially important in an African setting. Usually, a few year’s delays call the attention of families and friends. If you claim not to be bothered what about your spouse and his family?

While your faith is strong to hang on, that may not be the same with your spouse. This is the reason you must take seriously these major tests before your marriage vow. With these tests, you are confident you have left no stone unturned for a fruitful marriage.


Did I leave any major test before wedding unmentioned? Please add them in the comment section, so we could learn together.


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I am joseph Akinrinola. A pastor, teacher, author, freelance, and incurable learner. I share as I learn insightful ideas that make up a total being physically, spiritually, and emotionally especially, about young people.

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