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traits of a reliable friend


Sometimes what determines whether you will sink or swim when the billow of life comes against you might be the type of friend you have. No one succeeds alone. This is why you need a friend. But are traits of a reliable friend?

Because life is about to give and take, you need a relationship that guarantees that opportunity. More often than not, a friend makes or mars you. This is the reason you must look out for certain traits that make a great friend.
That you have chosen the right friend does not mean the relationship is immune to conflict. However, parts of the great traits that make a great friend are working out your differences and becoming a better friend.

Quickly let me run through some of the traits of a reliable friend.

1. A great friend accepts you for whom you are. Trying to please others at all costs is a way of displeasing yourself. Someone said he didn’t know the key to success, but one key to failure, he knows is trying to please everybody. Understanding we have a different and unique makeup is the hallmark of true friendship.
Therefore, a person that will make a great friend will accept you with your flaws. This is necessary because he also is not a perfect person. Since variety is the beauty of life, a good friend will accept your uniqueness as a complementary trait for your union.

2. There must be trust. This is a major pillar in any relationship. Remove trust from a marital, social, religious, political, and business relationship and you see that union crumbling. It is of no use keeping a relationship with someone you cannot truth because friendship thrives on trust.
You must be able to speak for each other on most issues. That means you can predict your friend. A man pledges a sum of money on behalf of his friend at his church’s fundraising. He could do that because he trusted his friend would redeem the money. One, he knew the financial capacity of his friend. Two, he knew his friend will no doubt the commitment on his behalf. Such are traits of a reliable friend.

3. A friend supports you. If there is any benefit you enjoy from any relationship, it is the support. A friend’s support comes in two ways. First, he supports you to succeed. Second, he supports when challenges come. In both cases, a great friend will stand by you. If you see your friend in only one of those situations, then that is not a good friend.

4. A good friend corrects and rebukes you. These are two attributes or traits of a reliable friend. Correction and rebuke are not the same. While the former aimed at putting you right, the latter is to confront you with the bitter truth. If your friend cannot speak up against your wrongdoing, then it is time to change that person.

A loving friend should not be afraid to show you your error or rebuke without mincing words. You are likely to turn out fine if you have people around you who will not shield you when you are wrong. Your life will be running towards the cliff if your friend will never see any wrong in your life.

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5. A friend defends you. If your friend often castigates and condemned you in your presence or behind, then you are in a wrong friendship. What makes a great friend is when your friend can defend you and your personality.
Nevertheless, this does not mean he will cover the truth, but excuse your shortcomings and plead for the people’s understanding. A good friend will stand in the gap for the lapses of his friend. Though he may still correct or rebuke you later, he will stand for you now.

6. Your friend celebrates you. Good moments are better enjoyed in the company of friends. One of the traits of a reliable friend is happy with your success story. He is not only happy seeing you succeed, but celebrate that success with you. He always wants to be associated with your success. Such friends will have input into what makes you succeed. He does this because your success is his success.

7. He is there in time of pain. Life comes with a smile and tears. A great friend will share both moments with you. As you know, a friend in need is a friend indeed. You are having a great friend if he will not only sympathize with you but also equally empathize with you. Such a friend keyed into your pains. He is emotional with you. That is, a friend acknowledges your loss as his own. He will do everything in his capacity to alleviate your pain.

8. A good friend is available. True friendship is not passive, but active. A reliable friend is socially and emotionally attached. What makes a great friend is he is available when you call him. This is why online friendship is most time unreal. A good friend is mutually connected. As a social being, you must be physically connected to get the best from your friendship.

9. A friend gives and receives forgiveness. To err is the man and to forgive is divine. To think you will not experience conflict in your relationship is to deceive yourself. Therefore, forgiveness is among the traits of a reliable friend. A good friend will confront you with what he perceived as an offense against him. He is always ready to forgive you.
In the same way, a true friend will equally admit his error and apologizes for such a mistake. In a good relationship, defensiveness has no place. It is an opportunity to give and receive forgiveness. You can be sure of a fruitful relationship if forgiveness is a major pillar.

10. A reliable friend listens. Part of the traits of a reliable friend is to be a good listener. Friendship will last with great communication skills in both parties of the relationship. But you can’t have good communication without good listening hears. We are likely to have less conflict if we can listen more.
Most time we listen to others with our hearts closed. At other times, we’ve made up our minds what we want to hear. With that, what the other person says does not make sense. So you or your friend must be a good listener if you want to enjoy your friendship.

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11. A friend gives you a push. Sometimes we can only succeed if we move out of our comfort zone. This is where you need a push from a friend. A great friend sees beyond what you can see, and he is ready to give you the push you need. He encourages and supports you to take a calculated risk. When he initiates this idea, he would not back out. Instead, he would hang around and giving you the support that will help you makes the unexpected success.

Without a doubt, the making of a reliable friend takes effort. It is even harder to get a great friend. The principles of giving and take come to play if you hope to find a great friend. Determine to be a great friend and your search for such a person becomes easy.

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Remember the journey of life becomes easier if we walk together.



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