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ways successful people handle failure



Successful people have something in common-failure. If that is true, you then wonder ways successful people handle failure. Well, what happens to you is not as important as your reaction to it.  The difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is not in the type or size of their failure, but how they handle it.


While some rebounds after a major defeat, others sank into despair and went into oblivion. This is a period in the year when most people evaluate their life and situation to see how they fared in the year. To some, it is regret and to others it is praise. While some people thank God for the achievement in the year, others have nothing to show for the year.


You are about to read what makes you think successful people never failed at anything in their journey to success. In this post, I will share the profound secret of ways successful people handle failure.


  1. They accept what they cannot change.


There are many things in life that you have little or no control on. The best way to enjoy life is to focus your energy on what you can do and not fret about what you can’t change. This is one of the ways successful people handle failure.

For instance, insurance companies refer to natural disasters as divine acts. Aside from that, there are people in the system that you may not be able to change. Sometimes these people can be a source of failure. To the successful, they see how they work around the people who are not ready to change.

Those who made it in life look away from the limit in National and institutional policy to chart a course that will give them their desired results

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  1. They ask the right questions.


Asking the right question is the way successful people handle failure that sank others. Since solving problems bring success, asking the right questions will proffer the right solution.

The right question looks at what is wrong and not who is wrong. Asking the question of who is wrong focuses on looking for fault in others instead of accepting responsibility. This attributes the failure to a person, system, or situation. However, the right question successful people ask when they fail is what went wrong. They question what they did wrong.

Asking this type of question not only makes them responsible, but also helps them identify what they fail to do or did wrong. With that, the chances of repeating the same mistake become slim or rare.


  1. They never engage in the shift-blaming game.


Tell me anyone who made success in any endeavor and I will show you someone who never attributes his failure to someone else. Successful people hold themselves-accountable for both failure and success. To them, every privilege comes with a corresponding responsibility.

That responsibility includes accepting the fault for things that went wrong in the process. Though several factors come to play for success to come, yet none of those factors will be held responsible for your success.

A few of those factors unsuccessful people attribute to their failure include their background, parents, society, and friends. The successful and unsuccessful faced similar adversity. While the unsuccessful caved under the weight of those flaws, the successful never allowed that hold them back. Instead, great men accept responsibility for both failure and success.

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  1. They saw failure as part of the success game.

Acknoledging failure as part of life has been key to ways successful people handle failure.  To human experiences, failure is by default. In my little experience on this side of life, failure is part of the package. Ask any parent they will tell you no child ever gets to walk and run without falling severally.

Most times adults have bruises to show for their growth. Indeed, no one does anything meaningful without a degree of failure. Highly successful are people who have failed most. In fact, their winning trophy hinged on how many failures they can overcome. Therefore, having foreknowledge of failure as a learning process keeps successful people on their toes.


  1. Forgiveness was part of their life.


Ways successful people handle failure is a reflection of how often and easily they forgive themselves and others. Emotional trauma due to a failure is attributed to shattered dreams. Some will not come over their failure because they are hard on themselves. They blame themselves or others for the failure.

This is different from accepting responsibility for anything that goes wrong in the plan. The lack of forgiveness blinds people from seeing beyond the failure. Unsuccessful people complain roses has thorns while successful people thank God thorns have roses.

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  1. They learn from their failure.


Great men are more concerned about the lesson from failure than the failure itself. They recognized failure is how not to do it the next time. That they failed mean they are yet to reach their goal. Successful people handle failure as a transiting experience.

They know it’s one of the detours they must encounter. To them, failure is a learning experience. They know learning never seize so long you aspire to be successful in life.


Success is not the absence of failure, but to circumvent limitations. It is to bounce back from failure to breakthrough irrespective of perceived insurmountable challenges. Successful people look away from their failure, see something good in that failure and reinvent the wheel to be the talk of the town in their choosing field of endeavor.


If you think I missed anything in this post on top ways successful people handle failure, add them in the comment.


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I am joseph Akinrinola. A pastor, teacher, author, freelance, and incurable learner. I share as I learn insightful ideas that make up a total being physically, spiritually, and emotionally especially, about young people.

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