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top tips to achieving your new year resolution

It is customary for people to make a New Year resolutions, but how many of those resolutions scaled through? Now that you are in the New Year, I will give you 7  top tips to achieving your new year resolutions. New Year resolution is mostly things you wished you stop doing or wants to replace an old habits. These success habits cut across every aspect of life. It ranges from health, study, financial to spiritual habits, and everything in between.

The followings are my 7 top tips to achieve your New Year resolutions.

  1. Identify your peculiarity

Each one of us has a peculiarity different from others. This uniqueness shapes our habits and our ways of life. Our daily simple habits shape who we are. Since habits are easier to form than change, then what makes someone a few days might take another person a few weeks, yet another person will need some months to get over it. This understanding will not put undue pressure on you as you navigate through the change process. It will also prevent you from the unhealthy competition.

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  1. Do not put all your eggs in the same basket.

It could be tempting to wish all your resolutions happened at once, but will put a lot of stress on you. Getting things done required a step at a time. Thus, picking just a few things to do will be a lot easier. You will be better off getting over one issue before going to another

  1. Change doesn’t come easy.

You will be starting on a good note if you accept change will not come easy. That you accept to swim against the tide means you are willing to wear out certain resistance. This is one of the top tips for achieving your new year resolution.

Though it made be difficult to achieve your new year resolution, yet it is not impossible. It will be difficult because you are breaking an old habit. So, replacing them with new ones will be at a price. This is so especially now that you set a period for the result. Telling you it will not be easy is not to scare you, but prepare you for the eventuality.

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  1. Start small, but be consistent.

The journey of a million miles begins with a step. Achieving your desire begins with a baby step. It may seem insignificant at the onset, but your consistency will pay off with time. If for instance, you watch TV for five hours a day, it will be unrealistic to say you will stop watching TV completely from the beginning of the year. But if you reduce it to four hours consistently daily, in the few weeks you can increase it as you improve. In a short while, you will achieve the desired goal.

  1. A few setbacks are normal.

This part of the top tips to achieving your New Year resolution is crucial to your success. Like any other ambition in life, a few sets back are expected. Giving up after a fall is the greatest mistake you will ever make. Sometimes you will discover your old habit relapses. Do not succumb to failure when you missed a few steps. The best is to reinforce the positive attitude to start again.

  1. Be specific.

It is not helpful to generalize your new year’s resolution. For you to achieve your goal, be specific about what you intend to achieve. It is not specific if you say you want to break social media addiction. You must be specific about which of the social media you want to deal with. That is important, as the way to deal with Facebook addiction will be different from that of Instagram or Twitter.

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  1. Identify what triggers your action

For every action, there is a corresponding reaction. Always something influences that habit. Whether a bad or good habit, something or someone influences it. You either increase or remove the trigger to improve or decline the behavior. For instance, the environment or the people you associate with will determine whether you will succeed in changing the attitude or not.

The chances of changing your old habits are narrower if you keep with your old friends who engage in the habits you wish to change. The same goes for visiting places where you can easily turn to your old ways. So change your company and environment if you want to change a habit. That among the top tips to achieving your new year resolutions will help you in changing an old habit.

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  1. Be accountable

It is natural to renege on your New Year resolution if you are not accountable to anyone. The purpose of accountability is to caution you when you defy your pledge. People that will hold you accountable are the people you hold in high esteem. They are people that wedge a high degree of influence or control over you. Such people most times have the last say on your matter. Usually, you go to such people for direction when you get to the crossroad of life.

These people rebuke you without mincing words. In other words, you have friends or a walking partner. They may be someone who also wants to go on the journey you want to embark on. From time to time, you check on each other’s progress.

While moving on, you encourage, challenge, and rebuke each other. This synergy helps keep you on track. As I use to say, the journey of life becomes easier when we walk together.

If there is any time to take a decisive decision of what you wish yourself, it is now. While it is not easy to achieve a New Year resolution, keeping to the above top tips to achieving your New Year resolutions will make your dream come through before you know it.

Do you think I missed something? Do not hesitate to add them in the comment. Life becomes easier if we walk together; therefore, share these tips with your friends on your popular social handle. Always connect with me on Facebook.


I am joseph Akinrinola. A pastor, teacher, author, freelance, and incurable learner. I share as I learn insightful ideas that make up a total being physically, spiritually, and emotionally especially, about young people.

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