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top time-wasters


This is a generation that works with speed. Daily we want quick fixes to everything. Time is of paramount importance. This is why everything from food, laundry, payment, medical, education, marriage, and if possible birth to be at the speed of light. That is why successful deal with certain top time-wasters in their life and business.

Sometimes we wish God would add another hour to the twenty-four in a day, so we could achieve more. But unfortunately, we have to do everything within that 24 hours and 7 days a week. So how do you do more in fewer hours? The solution is to eliminate those things that waste your time.

The followings are 9 top time-wasters you must deal with in 2021.


  1. If you are not organized.

The best way to waste valuable time is not to get organized. One of the things that waste your time is not getting things in their proper perspective. To save your time, prepare your day the night before. Before going to bed have your to-do list for the next day. This will guard you against drifting from one assignment to another.

Part of the way to arrest your top time-wasters is to arrange things in the office or home. In your office, have filed for each item and keep them in the file cabinet or drawer. Always ensure you label each file and racks appropriately. This will save you the stress and time looking for any item when you need them.

This same principle applies at home. In your house, have a specific place where you keep your things. Make it your habit to return them to where you picked them once you are done using the item. It becomes easier to locate the item when next you needed it. Once this becomes your principles, all other family members will key into this

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  1. Social media

In my opinion, social media rank higher among the top time-waster. Be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or LinkedIn they are all the same. Apart from another negative effect, these platforms will make you less productive.

Usually, the abuse begins with checking a few breaking news, celebrity gossip, and the latest design in fashion. It could continue with the football update in the league. Before long you begin to flip from one page to another. By the time you check your clock, you have wasted a considerable period.


As good as your email maybe, you will be wasting your valuable time if you do not schedule the time you check the mail. The best way to check this is to turn off the mail alert. This will force you to check the mail at the prescheduled time.


  1. Gadgets.

Gadgets are also part of the top time-waster. Generally, gadgets are made for man and not the other way round. However, experience has proved gadgets are a major time-waster for most people especially young people. Some of these include television, home video, and video games. Though some of are good means of relaxation and education. Nonetheless, indiscriminate use of these gadgets will erode your valuable time. It makes you unproductive and can cost you your job and health.

Well, everybody uses one cell phone or two. Except for your conversation on the phone, it also adds value to you, yet it is a major time-waster. Highly productive people use their phones wisely. Today, phones come with several features that make us glued to them. Such features include calling, receiving calls, video recording, voice calls, and text messages.

Each of these features takes a portion of your time. Cultivating the discipline of using this gadget will make you the user of the gadget than the gadget using you. Understanding this truth will help you eliminate one of the 9 top time-wasters in 2021.

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  1. Wrong company.

People can also be among your top time waster. How you spent your time will be judged by the people you associate with. Let me remind you, time wastage is simply not getting value for your time. This time if you keep company with people who will not add value to your life, then they are a time-waster.

Whether you are with them on the phone, mail, social media, books, or physically, it is a waste of time if you can’t point to something tangible you gained from them.


  1. Failure to set priority.

Doing the wrong thing at the wrong time means doing the wrong thing. So if you fail to set your priority, you will end wasting your time. Setting a priority implies allowing time for each activity of the day. This will become what will drive your attention, time, and activities.




  1. Procrastination and indecision.

Procrastination is the thief of time. You will be losing a great deal of time if you are undecided. Life will bypass you if you push what you are supposed to do today till tomorrow. Don’t forget each day has its load of work. So, deferring today’s activity due to indecision will cause you to be overwhelmed by the day’s work. So to save your time, act now, and kill procrastination. There is no better time to do what needs to be done to deal with any of the 9 top time-wasters.

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  1. Failure to say no.

You can’t be everything to everybody. Also, you can’t be in two different places at the same time. Wanting to please everyone and doing everything will sap your energy and make you less productive. Therefore, learn to say no to something. Delegate what others can do better than you.

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  1. Multitasking


Another top time-waster is multitasking. To multitask is to do many things at the same time. Those people who multitask will not finish before jumping into another task. Success is when you finish a job satisfactorily. If you do several jobs at the same time, your time will be divided among those tasks without achieving anything meaningful.

Multitasking often leads to brain fatigue and poor performance. This also leads to more mistakes. The worst part is you spend more time with less output. Therefore, save your time focusing on a single task at a time.

It is so amazing how time flies. Identifying your top time-waster to avoid will depend on your discovery. What I have shared with you is an eye-opener that allows you to check every aspect of your life to identify how to make better use of your time.


Apart from my list above, what other top time-wasters, have you identified? Share your thought below. If you benefited from this post, don’t forget to share it with your friends. Also, like my Facebook page. Remember, life becomes easier if we walk together.


I am joseph Akinrinola. A pastor, teacher, author, freelance, and incurable learner. I share as I learn insightful ideas that make up a total being physically, spiritually, and emotionally especially, about young people.

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