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questions for a productive life



Life is short. The best part of life is to enjoy it to the fullest doing what you love and be efficient at it. Answering daily crucial questions for a productive life makes you more useful, productive with your life.

Productivity is getting the best from what you invest in your life, but you can’t achieve that without answering questions that matter to your productivity. Your investment may be in terms of money, labor, and other resources. To be productive and enjoy life means you are more efficient than being effective. This equally means doing the right thing at the right time. However, you will not get to this point if you cannot answer key questions that will save your time, become efficient, and be more productive.

If you add efficiency to your productivity, you will get more results with less effort. Your life remains on the same spot if you do not know what to do, not doing it at the right time, doing it wrongly, or not doing it at all. All of these stem from adopting the wrong approach. Yet you are not likely to apply the right answer if you can’t ask the right questions.

So let me run through my list of 5 daily crucial questions for a productive life in 2021


  1. Does it have eternal value?

Life is a privilege. To every privilege comes a corresponding responsibility. These privileges and opportunities include our time, money, energy, position, skill, and body. We will account for all of these when our life is done on earth. Therefore, you must ask if your next action will affect your place in eternity.

As you wake up, ask if what you are about to do or where you are about to go will make a positive or negative impact on you in eternity. This also goes to how you use your body or position of authority. As you walk through 2021, eternity should shape your daily crucial questions for a productive life.

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2. Do I have the skill?


Among the important questions for a productive life is to check your level of skill for any given assignment. You will spend less time and stress if you are doing what you are best at. Your productivity will depend on your skill. Decide where you will function if you are to share duty and responsibility. In other words, do not try to do everything. Do not claim to be the macho man thinking you can handle every job because you are the leader.


To be productive, focus on the area you can function effortlessly. Those who get things done more are those who focus on what they are trained to do or have a comparative advantage. Allow others to handle the task if they are better than you are or could get a better result for the corporate benefit of the group.

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3. Must I do it now?


To inquire if what you are about to do at the appropriate time is among the crucial questions for a productive life.


Effectively and highly productive people identify what they need to do and when. To be more productive, you must place every task base on its importance and urgency. This is why the quadrant principles come to place. Ask if a disaster will happen if you don’t do a task immediately.


Do not focus your attention on tasks and jobs that can wait for a later date and time. Instead, you look for something important and urgent. With that, you save yourself precious time and become more effective and more productive.


4. Would it add value to others and me?

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It is not enough to get busy but productive. Since motion does not necessarily mean movement, doing things that add value to you and others makes you productive. As you program yourself, invest your resources in things that will increase you and others. If it makes you maintain the status-quo then it does not worth your time and energy.


For instance, you should minimize calls that end only in-jokes or unhealthy gossip. You should apply the same approach to checking and sending emails. While you cannot eliminate personal visits, put calls through where it is possible. This will not only save you valuable time, but will also reduce costs and risk. With that, you add value to yourself and others.

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5. Will I derive joy from doing it?


You achieve success if you are doing what gives you joy. Since everything is not about money, your productivity level is tied to those things that give you joy. Therefore, concentrate more on what makes you happy. Doing that will make you put in your best at all times.


As you know, the more positive effort you put into an assignment, the higher the chances of success. Though others may not see things from your perspective, do not allow them to fit you into their mold. Instead, select a few things that you are good at that will make you happy. Sometimes what excites others may be different from your own, yet determine to please your conscience.


Do you know you would not get tired or discouraged quickly if you were doing something that gladdens you? That is productivity.


Placing efficiency over effectiveness is the secret of productivity. Therefore, the questions that will make you productive are to determine if what you are about to do will make you more effective or efficient. Being effective is doing the right thing while efficiency is doing the thing right. Besides, asking the right questions your productive life.


Do not hesitate to add to my list of daily crucial questions for a productive life in 2021 in the comment so we can learn together. Do not forget to share this content across your social media platforms. Also, like my Facebook page.



I am joseph Akinrinola. A pastor, teacher, author, freelance, and incurable learner. I share as I learn insightful ideas that make up a total being physically, spiritually, and emotionally especially, about young people.

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