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not late to achieve your dream


Before I go into why it is not late to achieve your dream, I must remind you that a saying that better late than never.

Though there is a time for everything, yet it is never too late to turn in the wrong direction. Many sank into despondency because they felt they have wasted the better part of their life. Some young people are dying under the burden of regret for what they failed to do.

However, I will show you proved reasons it is not too late to achieve your goals. You can use the remaining opportunity well. So let us delve straight into reasons it is not late to science your dream.

1. Your waiting period is not your wasted period. Most people find it hard to start or launch out because they felt they have wasted their valuable time. Usually, age and lost opportunities are the reason for this fear of beginning. It took God eighty years to prepare Moses before he launched him out.

Instead of counting your losses during the time you fail to take a step, observe some lessons you’ve learned. Moses’ eighty years of training both in Egypt and Midian taught him how to relate with both the rich and the poor. The training, like a shepherd, taught him how to handle the weak and the strong… therefore, there is no better time to decide on your cherished dreams than now.

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2. You can make a lot of difference. A Nigerian says, “the remaining sun in the sky is enough to get your washed cloth dried.” It does not take an eternity to make a change. A single encounter with the right person is all you needed to experience the change you so desire.

I know a drop of kerosene is all you needed to pollute a drum of water. Henry Ford dreamt of mass-producing mobile parts at 40. By the time he was 60 years of age, he had become a millionaire. Col. Sandra didn’t start Kentucky fried chicken until his late sixties. Today, you have his brands everywhere. So start something today. Go all out for your dream.

3. You can’t afford the pain of regret. You have had enough failure, and you can’t continue on that part. The regret will be more painful if you realized you could achieve a lot with the remaining time you have. Imagine a world without Kentucky fried chickens if Col. Sander had failed to kick-start his dream due to his age. A man of God was quoted he would weep when he gets to heaven only to realize he could do more than he did while on Earth.

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4. Shocking celebration awaits you. Most times we want to be sure of people’s applaud before we launch out on what we believe is right. One of my convictions, it is not late to achieve your dream, is the number of people who will welcome your idea. Often many people are waiting for who will bear the cat on a particular field. Afterward, you will be surprised how many people will be jealous of your decision. Some will even admit and confessed how they had delayed deciding you took.

Let me share an experience with you. I return to school as an adult. Before then, my younger sister, two years earlier, had finished her ordinary national diploma certificate (OND). She kept telling me she would go back to complete her HND, but she never did. So she said people would call me baba (daddy) if I should return to school. Well, I didn’t mind her, but return to school all the same. Like I said earlier, people are calling me daddy. However, I was also calling some people daddy and mummy, respectively. Therefore, launch that product, write that book, compose those songs, learn that vocation, return to school and the number of accolades will surprise you.

5. You are wrong about yourself. I strongly believe you have a wrong judgment about yourself and that is why you have not launched your dream. You feel you are not capable. It is this understanding that makes me conclude it is not late to achieve your dream. You may assume you will fail or think many are already doing what you want to do. Sometimes you think you cannot achieve such a feat.

The Israelites would cross the river Jordan if only the priest will take the step towards the river. Joshua 3:13.  Joshua and Caleb knew there were giants in the land God promised them, yet they believed they could overrun them. Failure starts from within. There is not much you could do if you have failed within In my estimate, I know you carry what it takes to breakthrough because God never creates a failure. It is not late to achieve your desire because you carry the gene of God.

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6. You have unique makeup. Some people didn’t start their journey to fulfillment because they didn’t understand their makeup. God created some people to be early starters on almost everything. Others are the late starter. Whether you are crawling, walking, running, or flying, what is important is you keep moving. While you cannot ignore the achievement of your mate, it should motivate you to strive for excellence. It shouldn’t be the reason for you to be downcast. Run your race, but not others. It is easier to be yourself than trying to be like others.

7. God has you in his equation? God didn’t create another you. You are a unique being. In God’s equation, your inability to fulfill your purpose means that the equation will not be balanced. God’s equation in the world will be balanced if each of us fulfills our part. So see yourself as the missing link that will make the world to be a better place. The scripture says, For the earnest expectation of the creature waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of God. Romans 8:19. This means the world is waiting for your recipe, book, song, drama, and invention. Someone out there is waiting for your words of encouragement and comfort. Get out there and live your dream because it is not late to achieve your dream.

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I am joseph Akinrinola. A pastor, teacher, author, freelance, and incurable learner. I share as I learn insightful ideas that make up a total being physically, spiritually, and emotionally especially, about young people.

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