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6 Favorite Tactics Of The Enemy Against Your Vision

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crucial stages to achieve your desire


Several factors will work together before you get to your place of destiny. Some of these are divine, while others are natural. In getting to the top, you need to pay a certain role while you will need others to support your vision. While there is no single formula to get to the top, there are crucial stages to achieve your desire that you must follow. If you want to get the result others got, you will do what they did to get to the top.

Follow me as we explore workable crucial stages to achieve your desire in 2021.

1. There will be an event. Each of us has a specific purpose to fulfill on earth. This purpose differs from person to person. Fulfilling your destiny or achieving your desire is a matter of you filling a vacuum, meeting needs, or answering questions.

Nevertheless, there must be an event that will create an opportunity that you will leverage to fulfill your purpose. This opportunity may, however, be negative or positive. The chances may be directly created by God or allowed by God, though it is the devil that is orchestrating it. In essence, there must be a need that will lead you to fulfill your destiny.

With Saul, there is a need for a king in Israel. In addition, for the right person to be selected, there must be an encounter with the prophet. Since this is the first time, the Israelites will ask for a king; there must be an event that will bring the would-be king to Prophet Samuel. This right event or scenario God created when Kish, Saul’s father, lost his asses. This event happened as an event to bring Saul to his place of ordination. Therefore, look for an opportunity in every situation, whether good or bad to advance your goal and vision in life.

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2. You needed a covenant helper. No one fulfilled his destiny in isolation. It requires people to fulfill your purpose. Even our Lord Jesus needed the disciples to fulfill his global mandate of saving the sinful world. Divine helpers are part of the crucial stage to achieve your desire to get to the top. Many missed the opportunity to attain their goal because they looked down on the divine helper God sent to them. Somebody said we missed opportunity because it comes dressed in work cloth.

Your helper may not be older or better than you may. Similarly, your helper may come from a background or status that does not look like someone who has something to offer. Everyone that comes to our ways has some parts to play. They could be the reason God gave you the opportunity. Thus, fulfilling your purpose may be either given or receiving from the people you come across.

With Saul, the servant aided his becoming the king. Something to learn from Saul’s encounter was a servant who knew or remembered there is a prophet in that city. For whatever reason, Saul never thought of seeking a divine direction to his need or journey. A great lesson you should learn is not to look down on people. A slave, servant, or subordinate can save the day for you when working towards achieving your destiny or purpose.

Like this servant, a little slave girl was a link and reason Naman, the leper, got his healing. In essence, you need various types of people to fulfill your destiny. These people include the good, bad, and ugly. It is sometimes mysterious when your perceived enemy become the person that would Fastrack your chances to get to the top.

One unique quality of Saul’s servant was going through the commitment of giving his earned money to pay the consultation fee to see the prophet. You needed covenant helpers who will go to any length to get you to the top. This was what we saw in the story of a sick man helped by his friends got to Jesus.

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3. You need to be persistent. If you will miss any part of the crucial stage to achieve your desire, do not miss this. Those who give up too soon hardly achieve great things. At best, they remain a local champion. Those who achieve an impressive feat in life are those who pursue their dream with doggedness. Often most people gave up on the verge of success without realizing how close they are to their area.

Most times the devil set in discouragement when you failed at achieving your dream after a few attempts. Ask some outstanding athletes or scientists and they will tell you they failed miserably not only once but severally. Hence, a step to achieving your goal requires your tenacity, even when success seems not visible.

Persistence and consistent people keep at their dream against all odds. When they failed and ask why without shifting blame any on anybody. Saul had planned to return home after the search for ass, if not the die-hard spirit of the servant. His return would have missed his appointment with destiny.

4. You must pay a price. Abraham didn’t become the father of many generations until he paid the sacrifices. In addition, our God didn’t have many children without releasing his only begotten son. In the same way, Jesus was highly exalted and given a name above all other names because he paid the ultimate on the cross. Whenever or wherever you see an outstanding result of a person or an organization, know there has been a heavy price.

I think Saul knew this, and he told the servant, he has no money to give the servant of God. Know that significant accomplishment comes at a great price. Whether in academics, sports, politics, or relationships, you must be ready to give up your comfort. What was the price paid by Saul’s servant to secure him the throne? It cost him his saving from the little he was making from his master, Kish, the father of Saul.

The journey to the top becomes easier if covenant helpers like this servant are surrounded by you. The young man gave his last saving. I can conclude that servant secured the throne for Saul.

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5. You need a prophet. Everyone needs a prophet to guide him on the journey of life. While I accept every Christian should be his prophet, you will do well to harness those who are gifted as a prophet. Don’t forget prophets are the gift of the Holy Spirit for the edification of the Church.

Therefore, if you are in a church that jettisoned the prophetic office, you may stay longer in your challenges than necessary. The prophetic ministry of Samuel not only calms the nerves of Saul and his servant, about the missing ass, but also gave direction and the picture of the future. Prophets are guides allowed to see the future and tell the mind of God concerning the life of a person, family, organization, community, or nation.

Sometimes the prophet, maybe a mentor who has gone through what you are going through. Following their method will help you avoid mistakes they have made. This also simplifies your journey and reduces your error. Anyway, you can get through to these mentors through their books, video, audio, seminar, etc.

That you are still lagging in your dream, goal, and aspiration does not mean you will not get there. All you need to do is become organized, be ready to pay the price, and surround yourself with the right caliber of people. Since success never comes easy, persistence is a major key to getting it right.

5 crucial stages to achieve your desire are not an exhaustive list. This means you can improve it with your consideration. Do not hesitate to add any other factors, you know can help in achieving goals. Connect with me on Facebook while I encourage you to share the post with your friends.



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