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Signs you are a procrastinator


Procrastination sometimes can be subtle that you do not know you are guilty of it. But if you are sincere, enough you will notice some signs you are a procrastinator. Instead of being defensive try to evaluate these signs, you are a procrastinator in this post and you will find yourself among high-flyers in your career. Since you are on this page, it shows you are ready to get more done in less time.

Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might, for in the realm of the dead, where you are going, there is neither working nor planning nor knowledge nor wisdom. Ecclesiastes 9:1

1.Always satisfied with simple tasks. If you understand signs you procrastinate, then you will understand why you procrastinate. You are a procrastinator if you focus on the simpler task that is less important than tackling difficult tasks that will yield a better result.

Those who see impossibly in most assignments will away shift responsibility forward. Usually, people like that believe others are better than they are, hence they can’t handle the tedious job. You are a victim of procrastination if you are satisfied with your comfort zone. Procrastinator just wants to maintain the status quo. Anything inconvenient is a no-go area for them.

2. Not acting at the right time. High achievers act at the appropriate time. You’ve heard the saying, “you hit the iron when it is hot”. But to the procrastinators, the heat from the iron is enough to scare them. Do you find yourself delaying taking steps at the appropriate time, then you are suffering from procrastination. For procrastinators, time is of no essence. To them, there will always be a second chance to act. They rarely believed sometimes you do not have the second chance to make the first impression.

3. Diverting your attention from the major task. This point is crucial among my list of signs you are a procrastinator. I say this because almost all of us at some point have been a victim. For several reasons we find ourselves shifting from the important task at hand to some frivolous task.

In most cases, two things cause us to drift away from our main duty. First is our attention to our mails. The second is the addiction to social media. Mostly we are the architect of the two factors. Leaving on your notification is the number one time killer. It is also second to none when talking about signs of procrastination.

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It may not be obvious to you; those few minutes to check your mail and read what is trending on the social media added together can completely alter your attention.

4. Attending to people’s demands at the expense of the task on hand. It is a sign you are a procrastinator if you give attention always to the detriment of your assignment. I don’t know if you have observed some busy body people coming around you when you are on a schedule. Procrastinators see that as a good excuse to feed their weakness.

Sometimes procrastinators see the need of the people around them more than those who have the need. Don’t forget people will always have needs. I think the only time to shift your focus on people is when the case is life-threatening or more important than what you are currently doing.

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5. Expecting a perfect situation before acting. Expecting a perfect condition before you act is likened to perfectionism. Those at the top of their game in life never wait for a perfect time, but the right timing. Get the understanding that a perfect situation never exists anywhere, at least on this side of life. You will not need to do anything if every situation is right. Your job in life is to fashion out something amazing in a chaotic situation. That is what makes you outstanding.

I am sure these signs you are a procrastinator are an eye-opener to why you are living below your capacity. Since almost anybody can be a victim of this scourge, you will do yourself the favor by attacking each challenge that has made you less productive.
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