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major reasons you procrastinate



The right way to overcome procrastination is to identify the major reasons you procrastinate.

Before going into the reasons you procrastinate, we should look at what procrastinate is. Procrastination is pushing forward what you know you should do for something less important. Often, procrastinators choose what is less demanding and that will make them happy, though not important at the moment.

As we go into my list of major reasons you procrastinate, check those that are particular about your situation. That is important because the top reasons people procrastinate varies.

Now let us delve into why you procrastinate.


1.When you face a boring task. It is natural for people to want things that are convenient for them. It is also true you perform optimally when you are doing what you are gifted in. However, your success in life depends on some people’s involvement. Therefore, your failure to act as at when due may hinder their progress. You may therefore procrastinate because you have an uninteresting task before you.

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2. Lack of organization. There is a high tendency for you to procrastinate if you are not organized. Because of your lack of organization, so many assignments are staring at you, demanding attention. Because you didn’t set your priorities, you may fall victim to procrastination. This formed part of the major reasons you procrastinate because all tasks look important and you feel you should do them all. And because you are limited by time and ability, you may ignorantly choose the less important one.


3. Fear of failure. Ask me one of the major reasons you procrastinate and I will tell you with utmost certainty that it is the fear of failure. More dreams, goals, ideas, and aspirations are in the graveyards because of fear of failure. I can conveniently talk about this because I was once in that pitiable situation.

Also, I knew the joy of overcoming fear. You postpone what you are supposed to do because you are not sure you will succeed. Based on a personal experience and the story of how people achieve their dream, I know you defer your action for fear of failure. Interestingly, those who succeed most are people who have failed the most.

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4. Perfectionism. The twin sister of fear is perfectionism. To some it is fear, but to others is perfectionism. A perfectionist wants all situations to be alright before they venture into the task. Look at the following excuses of a perfectionist to see if it forms one of the major reasons you procrastinate. They want to be sure of success before making the move. They ask if the step will it resonate with others or ask if they have the skill to accomplish the task, and what happens if I failed? Perfectionist will not make a move if they not sure everything is perfect.


5. Poor decision-making. You are likely to be a procrastinator if you can’t decide quickly and at the right time. Since you don’t have the luxury of time, wisdom dictates you act at the right time. Procrastinators run into problems with their superior at work because they often take wrong steps. You see them putting the cart before the horse because of those points I mentioned earlier. As a result, they end up not meeting the target because they left the crucial task undone.

6. Unhealthy comparison. Part of the reason some procrastinate is the wrong comparison. They focus on something of less value because they want to make a statement. Most times, these sets of people forget they may get the applause, but will not be appreciated because they did not meet the goal set before them. The only person you should compete with is yourself. If you are in this category, you will run another person’s race and that will get you nowhere.

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7. Rebellion. Look at this closely if they form part of the major reasons you procrastinate. Some people deliberately chose the wrong task, delay in delivering the expected result because of a personal vendetta. This rebellion may be because of cohesion, from people above them. At other times, it may be a payback time for those that offended them in the past. For that reason, they will refuse to do what they are supposed to or do it later. Of course, I wouldn’t expect a child of God to do this.


8. Lack of reward. Like point on rebellion, some may procrastinate because they are not adequately rewarded. Since the reward is a motivation, a lack of reward can equally demotivate people. Because of that, people can be rebellious and defer to the needful.


Having run through my list of major reasons you procrastinate, it is time you take an action. This is the time to identify where it concerns you and looks for signs you are procrastinating. Going through this post will only make any sense if you take steps to overcome your procrastination.

Please let me know your take on this post in the comment.

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