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Signs of mobile phone addiction

11 Signs of mobile phone addiction

The invention of mobile or cell phone changed the narratives of communication. The mobile phone brought great relief and makes life easier. You can abuse mobile phone like any other gadget.

There are several signs of mobile phone addiction that can go unnoticed. Often, it began with loving it, using it, and becomes something we can’t do without. We become cell phone addicts. Like any other addiction, it is easier to be hooked than to overcome it.

Here in this post, I will list signs of mobile phone addiction. Through this post, you can do a self-evaluation of your status by using your mobile phone.

1.If you always feel your phone is ringing or vibrate, it is an addiction. If often you feel your phone is vibrating or ringing, only discover it is true. Your psyche is so programmed to have a sensation you are having a call or notification when, in reality, it is not true.

2. If you prefer sending text messages to the oral conversation. Those addicted to mobile phones will rather send text messages, tweet, chat or send mail than having oral conversations.

3. If you check your phone more often than necessary. You will get the idea of whether you are moving toward addiction when you evaluate the number of times you check your mobile phone per day.

4. If your mobile phone becomes your intimate partner. When your phone must be with you wherever you are, consider your excesses. Some are so attached to cell phones they take them to the toilet and bathroom. If this is you, then you are a mobile phone addict.

5. If you can’t leave home without it. Except it is your major working tool, it is an addiction.

You should know your attachment to your handset is becoming unhealthy if you feel disorganized in forgetting your phone at home. Some cannot go out for a short period without their phone. It is so bad for people that they will return to pick their phones when actually it removes nothing from them if they go out without it.

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6. When your phone is interfering with your relationship. It is a height of disrespect, dishonor to be attending to your phone while talking with someone. It shows the person talking to you and his words are of no importance. This can wedge a wall into your relationship. Worse still is when people, especially the young people, do this in the church.

7. It is aiding your social media addiction. The foremost tool to get addicted to social media is a cellphone. One sign of phone addiction is social media notification on your mobile phone calling and diverting your attention from your major task. It is easier to be dedicated to social media with your phone more than any means.

8. When it is affecting your sleep. Check your sleep pattern and see the influence and effect of your phone usage. It becomes an addiction if you will always stay awake with your phone until sleep takes you away.

Sometimes you know you should go to sleep and you are feeling sleepy, yet you find it difficult to turn off your phone, then it’s taking a toll on you. It could be worse for others who will still check their phone in the middle of the night after using the toilet.

9. It is causing a diversion and reducing your production time. Being diverted from major tasks to attend to your phone frequently is a major sign you are too attached to your cell phone.

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10. You use it at an odd time and place. It is a crime in some countries to use mobile phones while driving or operating machinery. I even know some schools and organizations that would not allow the use of the mobile phone during school or work hours. So it is a degree of phone addiction if you place yourself and others at risk when using your phone in an inappropriate place and situation.

11. It affects your reaction. You a cellphone addict if you quickly react negatively if your mobile phone is shortly down. Check your addiction to the phone if you are irritated, anxious, abusive, sorrowful, regretful, and angry if there are network failures, poor reception, flat battery, etc.

Having gone through my list of signs of mobile phone addiction, I think you can rate whether you are already an addict to a cell phone or on the verge of becoming one.

Wherever you are in the divide, make your mind while you await my next post on the danger of mobile phone addiction and workable steps to overcome mobile phone addiction.

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