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Negative Spiritual effect of cell phone addiction


Almost everything physical has a spiritual dimension to it. In an actual sense, every physical item was first in the spiritual state. At least in the inventor’s mind. If you are spiritually inclined, you may want to know the negative spiritual effect of cell phone addiction.


Mobile phone addictions affect every aspect of life. It affects student performance, the way it affects our health, and our relationship.

Today, I will share the negative spiritual effects of cell phone addiction. This will be helpful, as it may be the underlying factor affecting another aspect of your life.

With little ado, let me run through the list.

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1. It creates a diversion during service or communion with God. There are more ways than one cellphone that can cause a diversion. One, you be diverting other people’s attention when your phone rings during a church service, fellowship, worship, or personal devotion.


Two, you will lose concentration in the presence of God if you are too attached to your phone. The consciousness that your phone may ring or vibrating, will not allow you to gain anything before God. This becomes real if you have your phone notification on. Such reminders or notifications could be through the beeping of flashlights.


Three, you will not follow the speaker if you are using the parallel version of the Bible on your phone. It is natural to want to check how the other version of the scripture puts the Bible passage the speaker has just quoted. While checking that, you may miss some blessing God planned for you during the service.


Four, a mobile phone is a quick way to shift your attention from the speaker to something else online. It is an escape route from the topic you feel is dull, unpopular, and hurtful to you. Instead of leaving the arena, you just flip through your phone to get something more appealing. However, not all sermons or preaching should make you feel good. Therefore, shifting your attention to something that makes you feel cool is losing the spiritual blessing of that moment.


2. It makes you judgmental. Part of the negative spiritual effect of mobile phone addiction is perfectionism. Because of the multiple applications, commentaries, or a similar topic available on your phone, you could be tempted to check to find some perceived error or mistake of the speaker.


While the speaker or preacher has moved on with his sermon, you may still be busy searching for the Greek or Hebrew translation of some of his words. Part of the negative spiritual effect on your smartphone is to check if the speaker is duplicating the teaching or quotation of your chosen spiritual mentors.


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3. It covers your identification. In those days, Christians are proud and delighted to carry the hard copy. But today, many are ashamed of carrying the Bible in the public. The reason for this is partly because they are not yet a Christian in the first place or not sure of their salvation.

Apart from those doing that because of persecution, most Christians in that category have skeletons in their cupboard. Surprisingly, these sets of people are not ashamed to carry a big novel, phone, laptops, and their school books all around.


Initially, young people will use newspapers or magazines to wrap their Bible when going to church. However, with the smartphone, people could go to Church with nobody knowing where they were going. This denied discipleship identity is equally my understanding of the negative spiritual effect of cell phone addiction.

4. It affects your spiritual productivity. Since mobile phone addiction affects your physiological and psychological wellbeing, it will also affect your spiritual health. If you spent too much time on your phone apart from studying, you will have less time for spiritual matters. Those who have issues with sleep because of their attachment to their phone would be unavailable for spiritual exercise. With that, their chances of growing spiritually becomes thin and near impossible.

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I may not list all the spiritual side effects of mobile phone addiction. My list of the negative spiritual effects of mobile phone addiction is a starting point for self-evaluation. You can add another effect you think I missed in the comment. It is a mark of loving your neighbor if you share this with your friends. Do not forget to like my Facebook page as well.




I am joseph Akinrinola. A pastor, teacher, author, freelance, and incurable learner. I share as I learn insightful ideas that make up a total being physically, spiritually, and emotionally especially, about young people.

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