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effect of cell phone addiction on your relationship


Humans are social beings. We strive for the relationship. How far we go in life is a product of our healthy relationships. The better our relationship with our environment, the better we fared. I doubt if any other toxins kill a relationship than when a person feels he or she is not getting the desired attention. Many factors are standing between our loved ones and us. One such impediment is our cell phone. On this note, I will lay bare the deadly effect of cell phone addiction on your relationship.

Many wondered why their relationship is not working. Little do they know it is their phone coming between them? Research has proved the high rates of divorce are traceable to phone addiction. As we go through this list of dangers of phone addiction on your relationship, you will realize you need a rethink on your usage.

1. Attachment to your virtual friends. Since your phone comes in handy, it is easier to be too attached to your online friends to the detriment of your physical relationship. This is easier since you can make tons of relationships online with no physical contact. It also eliminated the inconvenience and cost of meeting and relating physically.

You will risk losing your relationship if this online friend gets your attention more than your physical relationship. Unlike your real friends, your internet friend can call on you without knowing if you are in the middle of something serious. You could get into trouble with your boss, a serious client, or your spouse if you are so attached to your mobile phone without thinking about its negative implication.

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2. Placing carrier above your relationship. The cell phone makes business easier than before. You multitask easily with your mobile phone. Today, busy executives and carrier people can get a lot done with the flip of their fingers or a few buttons. This advantage makes some busy people make their home an extension of their office.

Often they continue their business or office work at home while in the middle of a discussion or conversation with their loved ones. Without realizing this, it throws a spanner into their relationship. Gradually, phone addiction widens the gap between them and their loved ones. This is part of the danger of phone addiction in relationships.

3. Interrupt your conversation. No one will be happy when you punctured your discussion with them by making or receiving calls. That could be excused if it happens occasionally. However, with cell phone addiction, it will be a regular occurrence. Such attitudes will surely cause a rift between you and your loved ones.

In such instances, you are telling your partner your online engagement during your conversation is more than what he or she is saying. In such a case, the law of fair play is not in place here.

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4. Seeking approval from social media. The reason some are glued to their phone is the need for social media acceptance. This is particularly about those who post selfies, images on social media. They have the illusion the more likes, comments, and followership they have, the more acceptable to the international community the more popular and successful they are, Little do they know that when their online image, profile, and status crash they will be left with their home and real relationship.

Don’t you realize how many high profiled people commanding a large following on social media do not have a stable and happy home? Thus, abusing your relationship through phone addiction is placing your relationship at the edge of a cliff.

5. Replacing oral communication with written communication. This generation is frugal with words. You could endanger your relationships through your phone if you prefer written text to verbal communication because of the convenience of mobile phones.

Many people in a relationship resort to text messages, emails, and tweets as a means of communication. Don’t forget we are not robots and nothing replaces verbal communication. This removes the emotional connection that you will enjoy from verbal communication.

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6. Reduces time of physical closeness. Count this point as one of the negative effect of cell phone addiction on your relationship. Since the cell phone has suddenly become a tool of communication to those addicted to it, it will create a gulf in such a relationship. Often, this reduces the level of emotional and physical contact. Those worse affected are those in marital relationships.

One glue that binds lovers together is verbal communication. There is a great deal of communication when you hold hands or look straight into each other faces. All benefits of these emotional and physical feelings are gone if your cell phone has come before you. You imagine the loss of joy and enthusiasm if you are busy with your phone when you are on a date, vacation, or picnic with your lover or family.

7. A means to settle scores. If you cherish your network, see this as one of the effect of cell phone addiction on your relationship. The cell phone is a quick and easy way to replace a partner once there is a misunderstanding. As soon as something goes wrong in the affairs, such people switch to the phone immediately. This is because they have a wrong feeling online friends fill the gap. Nevertheless, such people can’t replace your actual relationship in real sense.

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The effect of cellphone addiction on relationships is enormous that I could not cover it all in a single post like this. Nonetheless, these few destructive effects of mobile phones that I mentioned are enough to x-ray your relationship. If you are guilty of them, read my post on getting over cell phone addiction.

Life is a learning process, so add another negative effect of smartphones you know in the comment. Do not forget life is easier if we walk together. Do not forget to like my Facebook page and share this post with your friend because there is love in sharing.



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